My Great Outdoors: cocuklaHayat’s Turkish Balcony

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: cocuklaHayat
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Type of space: Apartment Balcony
Tell us about your outdoor project and how you enjoy it: We live in a nine story apartment overlooking skyscrapers of Istanbul. It is a great view, especially when the sun sets behind tall buildings. Our balcony is under the bright sunlight from noon till sunset. We enjoy gardening and playing in our balcony. My 5 year old daughter has a lot of fun with buckets and pots of water without leaving the house and me worrying of her slipping in the spillage. Our guests appreciate a drink by sun down overlooking a pretty view.

How did you create it? We have ceramic flooring, which reflects the heat and light into the living room. This was very disturbing, since it gets very hot in the summer. Two years ago I discovered wooden tiling, which gives a warm feel and double duties as airflow that our golden retriever appreciates on hot summer nights . We cut some tiles into shape to fit our area. Since this is not a big space, I mounted a collapsible table, that also provides some shade to the basil. These plants not only smell good, they repel mosquitoes and are great for our salad dressing. This year I’ve also drilled some holes into a galvanized bucket to create drainage for cherry tomatoes. Our geraniums are three years old now. I like to preserve them in the winter and am prouder as they get older. Some low energy lighting is ideal to set the mood in the evening.

Recommended store, site, product or resource? Wood tiles, galvanized bucket, light features, collapsible mounted table were bought at our local IKEA store.