My Green Resolution: Celine MacKay of Pure Green Living

My Green Resolution: Celine MacKay of Pure Green Living

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Dec 22, 2010

Name: Celine MacKay
Online Home: Pure Green and Pure Green Living Magazine

My Green Resolution: When thinking of a 'green' resolution for 2011, one thing came to mind right away, and it might not be what you would expect. I live in an older post WWII home that we've slowly renovated, with which we've done the best we can: non-toxic paint, up-cycled everything! Right now, we're even in the process of installing 10kW of solar power on our lot…

To give you an idea of what that means, it will have the same footprint as our house! 800 square feet. It will also power our home and our seven or so closest neighbours. I'm pretty proud of that.

So, my green resolution now has to do with a film I recently saw called Food Matters. I've always been pretty educated on eating well, but the film, which focuses on food, nutrients and how it can make or break your health, was pretty striking. With plenty of evidence on why prescription drugs and our modern health system aren't working, the film had some really simple solutions that make a lot of sense. My diet has always been an important part of my life, but now I'm even more aware of what I eat and the nutrients that are in that food. I'm going to get all Bill Nye on you now: did you know that plants are at their most potent and nutrient in the first five days of their life? Yeah, I'm talking sprouts! And not just alfalfa like you find in the store: broccoli, beet, bean and so many more! It's nature's super food, and you can grow it right in your kitchen with almost no work.

Does that not look amazing? It tastes amazing too!

Those ones in the middle are the beet sprouts I was talking about. The simplest way to start growing sprouts is to use a wide mouth mason jar. Place your seeds in the jar, stretch cheese cloth over the top and rinse with water 3 x per day. In about 3-5 days, you will have your sprouts. Easy huh?

Or, if you would like to produce more volume, you can get more sophisticated and buy the proper equipment, which is what I'd like to do. Put your newly grown sprouts in your greens' shake in the morning, on top of toast, in your soup, your salad, or whatever! It's nature's super-vitamin. If you're wondering how this is 'green,' well, often, healthy eating is very green! Organic, biodynamic, free-range, local… all of these things support more sustainable farming practices and protect your health and the planet. You can't really get more local than your kitchen window sill.

What's your 'Green Resolution' for 2011?

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Celine MacKay is the founding editor of the blog Pure Green and Pure Green Living Magazine, an online publication that showcases "style picks, ideas, news and trends from the green industry," as well as DIY projects, interviews, before & after transformations, green homes, architecture, and organic recipes.

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