My Home Improvement Meditation (For People Who Hate to Meditate)

My Home Improvement Meditation (For People Who Hate to Meditate)

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 16, 2015

For something that involves sitting still and thinking about nothing, meditation sure is hard. Yet, so many stressed-out people (hi there) recommend it that it seems crazy not to try (and try and try). Well now, I've discovered my own version of a meditative-ish activity that comes with its own reward (besides, you know, enlightenment). A meditation lite, if you will. And it has to do with home improvement! Here's what helps me relax just as much as a mantra.

The key: I have to be doing something repetitive with my hands.

Painting a wall is perfect; sanding something is great; stirring risotto is amazing (and then you get to eat risotto!); knitting works like a charm.

What really helps me really relax more than doing nothing, is doing a mindless activity that requires just enough brainpower to keep me in the moment but not so much that I have to carefully concentrate.

Now, this is probably not news to most of you handy-around-the-house types who know the relaxing power of crafty activity, so let's consider this a public service announcement for the rest of us.

After all, what is a mantra — a phrase or noise you repeat over and over while meditating— if not a soothing tool to keep your brain focused on the now? Who says that you can't be mesmerized instead by tasks rather than phrases? Relaxation and a task accomplished? Win-win.

So have you experienced this special kind of meditative trance task? Let's hear about it.

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