Shared Bedrooms

Shared Bedrooms

Julia Cho
Jul 28, 2008

Kristin wrote us: "My husband I are wanting to be co sleeping parents with a crib sidecar arrangement or bassinet type setup. I am just wondering what other co sleepers have done in making their adult room a quasi nursery while not compromising on style. Any tips or pictures for inspiration?"

Most of the things we've read agree that having your baby in your room for the first six months is the safest choice. to make your space work!

• Before you get into the fun, decorating stuff, make sure your bedroom is clean. You might want to invest in dust mite covers for your own pillows/bedding and an air purifier/humidifier. Think about blackout curtains and other ways to make the lighting appropriate for sleep time. All of these improvements will benefit both baby and you.

• You might want to consider a divider of some kind. Even if you don't have an actual divider, you'll want to create sub-sections of your room. If you can have a dresser/changing table with some form of art or shelf over it, and a crib or co-sleeper with some form of art- you've got two sections for baby. The rest of the room can be your bed and dressers.

• Keep it simple. Maybe you're into bright colors, but calming, neutral tones may be the way to go to suit both baby and you.

• Use a dresser/changing table to gain extra storage space if you have the room.

Less is more- you can use the size of your living space as an excuse to actually tell people that you're keeping to what's on your registry. Even so, you'll probably get a few things you don't want/need. Be vigilant about keeping it down to the bare minimum. You can always buy more once baby is born if you need it. You might be surprised at how little you need.

Purge through your own things in the entire apartment before baby comes so that you can free up some space.

• Choose natural materials like pretty baskets or wood for storage rather than plastics.

• Look for artwork that is pleasing to your eyes and baby's. Etsy has some great and affordable finds that we love to look at. A simple wooden mobile like this one would go well with adult decor.

Below are a few of the shared bedroom tours we've highlighted here at Ohdeedoh.

Readers- share your own tips!

Mamachilangas Shared Bedroom.

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Susan's Nursery in the Bedroom.

Sarah's Shared Nursery.

Roundup of Shared Bedrooms of all Kinds.

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