My Mom Wants an iPad

My Mom Wants an iPad

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 26, 2012

I was having a conversation with a group of friends the other day about how everyone these days wants an Apple iPad. Then it hit us. Not only does every kid on the planet have this shiny tablet thing at the top of their wishlists, but so did all of our mothers.

Whether it's for an early-Christmas present, an upcoming birthday, or any other celebratory event out there — it doesn't matter. It's all iPad or nothing. My mother in particular has been hyping up this be-all solution for several months now, and I think during my next trip back home, I'll have to be accompanied by a shiny white device with a silver Apple on the back. Or else. features a number of popular Korean drama TV shows for online viewing.

Then it finally dawns on me that despite all of this device's capabilities, my mother would likely use it for one or two things: e-mail (which she current does just fine on an old Sony laptop I fixed up a couple years back) and watching Korean dramas dubbed in Vietnamese on sites than run primarily flash.

To me, for $500, the Apple iPad is a wonderful, value-packed device if you happen to use all of its features it has to offer. However, as a turbo-charged e-mail machine that fails to run half the video sites she already watches makes me question if this is a smart buy altogether.

In reality, I'll probably buy it anyway and 'borrow it' on occasion if/when she grows bored with it, but sometimes I wish there was a nice way to explain technology shortcomings to your mother without sounding like a genuine jerk.

Have you ever purchased tech for a parent knowing very well that they would not be using the majority of its features?

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