My Party: Amelia

Who doesn’t like a ladybug? Becca used them as a theme for her daughter’s birthday bash: One of our nicknames for Amelia is “Junebug.” It only seemed appropriate that her first birthday party would be a ladybug picnic!

Since we share a one-bedroom apartment, we had to find a location big enough to host Amelia’s closest family and friends. We chose a state park nearby that had all of the necessities and would be a great place for kids and adults alike to explore and enjoy. We made and sent out the little ladybug invitations and then we were on our way!

Most of the decorations were red and black – with a little pink thrown in. We decorated plain red tablecloths and balloons with black felt spots and found red impatiens in black containers to function as centerpieces.

The food was typical BBQ-style with all of the fixings. We asked everyone to bring chairs and blankets to make themselves comfortable. Amelia’s grandmom (“Nanny”) made the cakes – one sheet cake for all of the guests and a mini personal cake for Amelia.

We repurposed baby food jars to hold jellybeans for all of Amelia’s friends. Bug catching kits and a nature scavenger hunt were activities for the kids. Everyone was asked to write a note in Amelia’s “Birthday Wishes” book before leaving the party. Amelia had a great time (and we think everyone else did too)! Thank you for looking!

Thanks Becca! You can find Becca and Amelia at The Life of Peanut.

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