My Party: Bronson

Who can resist all the manly men at Bronson’s party! Meredith explains: I bounced around between several ideas for this party. First I thought I’d go with a 4th of July theme as all the decorations would be discounted by the time it was birthday time. In the end I went with a Manly Bash because the Evite I liked was that theme. Things just spiraled from there.

We had Stud Muffins Nutella Manwiches, Muscle Building Chex Mix, and Burly Fruit Kabobs. We played “Pin the ‘Stache on the Man.” Everyone got a paper ‘stache and bow tie. The take home bags were “Sweet ‘Stache’s.” There were bubbles, chalk, mini pools, and other water toys. It was a simple party but I had fun planning and executing it all. I figured this would be perhaps the only year where I could do whatever I wanted and Bronson would have no preferences. It was a blast!

Thanks Meredith!

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