My Party: Coral

This is one party we would not be late to! Shanlie shares details of her daughter’s fabulous Alice party: When the time came to plan my daughter’s first birthday party, I knew immediately that a Mad Tea (a la ‘Alice in Wonderland’), would be the perfect whimsical theme. Since I’m, A. a penny pincher and B. big on DIY, I allotted a couple of months in advance for planning and hunting for just the right party supplies.

The generous amount of time I gave myself was nice, because I was able to slowly chip away at projects in the evenings while Coral was asleep. I spent most of my preparation time creating loads of cardboard cutouts of Wonderland themed scenery. I gathered up vintage textiles and ceramics that I already had on hand, tables and chairs were borrowed from family; I also joyfully accepted help with baking treats (and refilling pitchers of iced tea) from of several of Coral’s Grandmas.

Costumes were encouraged at the party, so a friend of mine was kind enough to sew Coral a beautiful ‘Alice’ dress. Another friend took some amazing photographs.

I didn’t actually have to purchase much of anything for the party, and what I did need was relatively inexpensive: paper lanterns, balloons, a few bunches of grocery store flowers, and postcard invitations (which I custom designed and ordered online).

The secret to throwing a great Mad Tea, I feel, is absolutely in little details. Things like the ‘This way’/’That way’ signs posted all over the yard, cupcakes decorated with edible flowers (grown in our container garden), chalk rabbit footprints leading up the sidewalk, etc., really helped make the party interesting and memorable.

This is the perfect theme for a DIY’er. I had a blast planning it and working on the details. The costume element of the party was fun for guests, and the laid back ‘golden afternoon’ made for a wonderful time. And of course, my daughter loved it!

Thanks Shanlie!

(Images: Heather Hill)