My Party: Grace and Elianna

My Party: Grace and Elianna

Carrie McBride
Aug 16, 2010

Stacy has dubbed her daughters' (ages 3 and 1) fabulously fun joint birthday party "Gracie and Elie's Patriotic Double Birthday Splash Bash!": Both of my girls were born in July and after some debate amongst friends as to whether a double party would be perfectly appropriate and extra fun or just sorta mean, we decided on combo party idea and I'm definitely glad we did!

Both of my girls were born in July and after some debate amongst friends as to whether a double party would be perfectly appropriate and extra fun or just sorta mean, we decided on combo party idea and I'm definitely glad we did! It was nice for guest who would otherwise have two parties to attend during the busy summer. It was nice for the girls because to them, the more kids and toys the merrier. It was nice for Great Grandma who was only in town for the week AND it was great for me to put all my effort into one big party! All in all, I highly recommend grouping same month birthdays!

Elianna, my real life firecracker, shares her birthday with our great nation and so a patriotic themed birthday it was! I designed the invitation first and the rest of the decor just followed suit. The hubby insists that all good parties have three things in common; enough shade, enough chairs and enough GOOD food. Knowing then that food would eat up a big chunk of the budget, I had to get creative with everything else! For me this meant; lots of pictures, well placed fabric, flowers from my Dads yard, simple activity booths and DIY water attractions!

I love photography and a lot of our parties seem to theme themselves around photos. There is just so much you can do as far as decor with a couple well placed and displayed photographs and thanks to Costco, it doesn't cost much at all! The week before the party I took the girls in the backyard for an impromptu photoshoot and used those pictures all around the party! I had a gallery hanging on the wood fence, outtakes in plastic frames on the tables and a huge picture in a frame from the house hanging on the gate to mark the spot and to guide guests into the backyard.

The flag banners are made out of fat quarters from the local fabric store and all the table runners are made from red gingham fabric I found at IKEA! I left the edges rough cut on the runners to give a country feel. I also used the scrap fabric left from making the flag banners to tie around the flower vases.

The flowers were kind of an afterthought that turned out great! I planned on throwing some filler flowers like White Asters or Baby's Breath in come cute soda bottles with a ribbon around it... but then I drove past my Mom and Dads house and saw THESE in bloom!!! Add a couple mason jars, the scrap fabric from the flag banners, some pipe cleaners turned florist wire and VOILA!

Food as Decor
I love to use food as decor, it's easy and you can cross tow things off your list at the same time? For this party I had multi-colored fishy crackers (the girls' favorite snack) in misc jars on the tables. I also used an ice cream scooper to make large watermelon balls! They were the perfect snack for the kids to grab and run around the yard with!

The plan was LOTS of water to counter the HOT July sun! After I saw Ashley Ann's DIY post on PVC sprinklers, my creativity went nuts! Who knew PVC was so inexpensive?! We made two PVC water attractions. The first, we called "The Igloo" and it cost under $25. It had water spraying in different directions to make a door and walls and inside it had a bucket of water suspended in the air that would tip over when it filled up! The second one cost ONLY $7 and was essentially an octagon that sprayed water into a dome. Big hit with the kiddos! About a week before the party the weather was freakishly cool and out of panic I created several activity booths to entertain the kids. Weather turned out hot but the booths cost nothing and were very fun! Activity booths included; Gracie's Tea Party (with real water), Ring Toss, Elie's Bubble Station, Gone Fishin', Good Clean Body Art (soap paint), Water Balloon Toss, and Pretend City.

Thanks Stacy! Readers you can see more of this party and visit Stacy on her blog.
(Images: Stacy DeGroot)

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