My Party: Serenity

If you can’t spend a day on the farm, make a farm at home. Chrissie (with help from family) did just this: Serenity’s first birthday was a blast to plan! I went with a barnyard theme because her favorite book by far is still Barnyard Dance.

I wanted a barn out of cardboard, so my Dad helped me build it. He added wood trim and made the roof out of planks of cardboard so it looks so real! It’s amazing! And I drew a horse for the back wall so there’s an animal inside. Serenity loves to crawl inside it already to see the horse and play. There’s also a shelf for her ducky to sit in the hayloft, but she always wants to get her right out =)

I had planned to draw a few animals on construction paper as decorations… but Dad thought since I was going to do all that work, it should be more permanent. So he got big pieces of plywood, painted them white, and then drew scenes from Barnyard Dance on them using his projector.

Dad and I built a pond, too. Eric’s family always did fishing for prizes at birthday parties, so we wanted Serenity to get to do that too. Dad had a big blue tarp, and we cut some of the bamboo out of his backyard to look like weeds around the pond. He even built a little dock for the kids to stand and fish from. Eric used another piece of bamboo as a pole. Other crafty projects I did for the birthday include making a cupcake tower and a Happy Birthday Serenity sign using scrapbooking paper.

The day of the party everything went really well! I got teased a lot though for the amount of food that I bought… 22 pounds of brisket…10 pounds of pulled pork… sausage… potato salad…baked beans…deviled eggs… cornbread and a ton of fruit. Plus ice cream and Aqua and Red velvet cake!

After a bit of playtime, we performed Barnyard Dance for Serenity! Lots of people joined in, including Gavin, Jennie, Mom, Nate, and several others! Serenity was thrilled! She especially liked watching Jennie do it. It was nice because Eric finally had someone to promenade with =)

After the dance we did cake. My cute and messy cake fit perfectly on Serenity’s high chair tray. I put it in front of her and she immediately went for her animals. She stuck them in her mouth, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they tasted even more delicious than usual! It was an adorable mess with all the red and blue food coloring.

After this, Eric told the adults they could have a wallet sized picture of Serenity, and the kids could collect their buckets and cowboy hats if they hadn’t already. The hats were a big hit, and so were the bandannas! Several of the boys asked to have bandannas tied on their heads or necks. Raegan was very excited to find a pink pig in her bucket. In addition to the hats, bandannas, and squishy animals they also got stickers, animal crackers, and goldfish. With the toys from the fishing game it was perfect! And it was so adorable watching them run around in the little hats.

Thanks Chrissie! Readers, see more of Serenity’s Barnyard Dance party on Clever Faeries.

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