My Party: Simon

Simon’s expression here is priceless and gives you an idea of how much fun he had at his super super-hero party. Susie fills us in: We did a super-hero party, which is funny because Simon is not actually into any of the classic super heroes, and I don’t think he even knows what a villain is! But, he’s into Buzz Lightyear, and I don’t do licensed characters (mean mom), so we compromised on generic Super Heroes.

He also mentioned that he wanted to give some of the money he’d been saving to help bring clean water to Rwanda (where his little brother was born). So, we thought this would be a good opportunity to let him and his friends be real super heroes and donate their change to a great organization that works to bring clean water to Rwanda.

I designed the invitations and printed them on cardstock. I fell in love with the t-shirt-turned-cape idea featured on Ohdeedoh, so we made 18 super-hero capes that were a real hit. I set up a table with the discarded sleeves and let the kids decorate their own superhero masks/headbands.

We also had a little photo station to take pictures of the kids “flying.” We set it up in a hurry, and lost some of the effect, but the kids loved it anyway.

We made rainbow cupcakes, decorated with white icing and homemade super-hero emblems. I used wilton candy melts in fun colors and piped them onto waxed paper, tracing designs I had made earlier and printed out. Once they hardened, I popped them onto the cupcakes. It was super cute, and a great alternative for my birthday boy who for some unknown reason doesn’t like icing.

Thanks Susie! Readers you can see more of Simon’s party and visit Susie on her blog, Here Only.

(Images: Lindsay Sullivan)

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