My Party: Tula

What Trish lacked in budget, she more than made up for with resourcefulness and creativity: Tula loves all things Hello Kitty. There is a plethora of Hello Kitty birthday supplies available, but I knew we could make just about everything ourselves, and it would be cheaper and cuter.

Since I have a 5-year-old who loves projects, making the decorations kept us busy in the afternoons for about a week, while Tula napped. Other than steamers and balloons, the decorations were made out of paper that I purchased at Paper Zone. It’s amazing how much you can make out of colored butcher paper and poster board! Instead of buying birthday hats, we used the poster board to make headbands shaped like Hello Kitty characters.

The favor boxes were 49¢ each, and we cut and glued paper pieces to make them look like different characters. Filling the boxes can get expensive, so we kept it simple by going to a nearby asian market to pick up some Hello Kitty candy and gum. We found rainbow stickers and activity books at the party store, too. The total for each box came to about $1.50. The kids also helped me bake the rainbow cake, and they had a ton of fun mixing up the colors.

Thanks Trish! Readers, you can find Trish at Modern Thrifter and see more of this fun party here.

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