My Party: Violet

Stacie embraces the diy spirit in decorating a room and a party. She shares:
Violet turned 2, and we were so excited to celebrate with all of her grandparents and aunts and uncle! Most everything for the party was handmade.

I made most of the decorations. I cut up old Anthropologie catalogs and made circle bunting to decorate the dining room. Violet loves pink, so we used a TON of pinks, fuchsias, and purples for decor. Some of my favorite handmade ideas where the chalkboard painted canvas where with Violet’s name written on it, mason jar candle holders that spelled out her name, and a pretty silhouette of Miss Violet hung over the table.

Violet’s dad made two cakes (one dairy free, since Violet has a cow’s milk allergy) and one for guests who preferred chocolate cake to apple cake.

Violet loves to color, so we covered the table with craft paper and let her go to town. Violet also loves her stuffed animals, so of course they were invited to the party. Family parties are so special, and I hope that Violet looks back on this day with happy memories!

Thanks Stacie! Readers, did you see Violet’s sweet room? Say hi to Stacie on her blog Gingibersnap and be sure to visit her shop, Gingiber.

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