My Resolution: Throw Away Less, Recycle More

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Duh, right? At my house we don’t throw much away as it is but we can do better. This year I am committed to throw away significantly less than I recycle or donate. And while most of us want to do this I’ve decided to declare this to the world as a more official conscious decision to assist in my motivation on those lazy days. Here’s how I’ll do it…

1. Move the trash out to the garage. Only recycling will be in the kitchen, that way significantly more effort will be required to throw something away.
2. Downsize our trash pickup service.We will be downgrading to the smallest trash can possible for our curb and the fewest possible pickups.
3. Track the trends. We are going to figure out what we are throwing out most at our house and we’ll make conscious decisions about how to reduce those specific items.
4. Stop buying things that are trash and packaging heavy. Rather than choose an item because it’s cheaper we’ll start looking just as seriously at the packaging content.

This seems easy, and I hope it is. While we don’t throw a lot away I’d still love to get it down to the bare minimum this year.

How about you? What’s your green resolution?

(Image: Kraftmaid)