My Room: Buzz

My Room: Buzz

Carrie McBride
Jun 24, 2011

We loved the lived-in look of Buzz's charming room. His mom Alex shares: Buzz's room has been a long time in the making, we moved to our current apartment when Buzz was 6 months old and it took about a year to figure out what I wanted the room to look like and to bring it all together.

Since we're in an apartment we didn't really want to paint, while we are allowed to paint, it didn't make a whole lot of sense for us to put money into something that we can't take with us when we move. The curtains were one of the first items put up in his room and we pulled the colours in the room from there.

The biggest challenge in the room was that one entire wall is taken up by windows with a radiator underneath. The wall opposite this is completely consumed by a closet and the door. This left only the other two walls on which to put furniture. My husband has moved things around in this room so many times, but this set up felt the best. I would have liked to put the bed lengthwise against the wall but there is a wall outlet in the middle of each empty wall so that didn't work for us. Another challenge was lighting. Despite having a ton of natural light in the daytime, there was no overhead light at night, the light switch controlled one of the two outlets in the room. We chose two lights that we can turn off and on independently from the light switch so that we could have one or both of them on at once.

Artwork was a really important element to his room and my friend and artist Alexis London created 6 lino prints of various animals in colours pulled from the curtains. Currently there are only 5 prints up in the room as the 6th, a yellow rabbit that he received for his 2nd birthday, is not yet framed. I also moved a piece of my sister's art from our living space to his room, a seated owl wearing a bright orange dress. These pieces definitely added a lot of character to his room and although I wasn't looking to create a themed room, there are an awful lot of animals throughout the space.

The item in Buzz's room that took the most time was his wall of photos and other items. I started in the middle with a few photos and worked my way out trying my best to keep things even. I used a mix of nails and stic tac to attach these items to the wall. My favourite items on the wall are his postcards, whenever family or friends travel we like to ask them to send a postcard in lieu of a souvenir, they take up less space and they look really cool. There is a bit of a crazy mix of items on the wall, photos, postcards, pennants, artwork, flashcards, anything goes as long as it looks good and is interesting for Buzz to look at. My husband and I often use the wall to play I spy with Buzz.

I hand made a lot of the items in the room, the paper bunting, the paper airplane mobile, and the fabric pigeon wall decals were all crafting projects. I love items that are hand made, they are usually one of a kind and that makes them special. There are also thrift store finds and vintage items throughout the room. I'm an avid secondhand shopper and its a great way to find unique items for a low cost. In the case of the two orange chairs and the doll bed, a quick coat of high gloss paint was needed to freshen them up and

The paper mache and fabric hand puppet on Buzz's bookcase and the seated owl art above his bed were created by my sister Kelly, you can find more of her exceptional work at Run Rabbit Run. The farm animal lino prints were done by Alexis London, you can find more information about her by contacting me through my blog. The altered black and white animal photographs on Buzz's wall were purchased from Grand Old Bestiary. The bookshelf, colouring table, frog wall organizer, giant leaf, and the two light fixtures are from Ikea.

Thanks Alex! Readers, you can find more pictures of Buzz's room at Plaid Raspberries.

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