My Room: Elliot

There’s something extra special about rooms for children that incorporate their parents’ backgrounds and history. Kirsty tells us about her son’s room: This nursery belongs to Elliot Henry, who is now 8 months old. I recently redecorated his little room, after I found a beautiful day bed for sale on the side of the road, and was inspired to add it to his room as a guest bed (requiring a great move around!). I have many odds and ends that I cherish, whether from my childhood in South Africa or the antique stores/Goodwill trips I’ve taken over the years. My inspiration for my kid’s rooms has always come from South Africa.

The bright colors, the art and fabrics, the hand made toys; all perfect for a special space for my little guys (also have a 5 year old and a 3 year old).

I have the day bed on the right side of the room, with a lovely quilt I found at an antique store for just $10! The blue polka dot sheets and pillow cases are from Target along with the bed skirt. The wall decor is a hodge podge from all over. The sweet fabric “E” is from Anthropologie and I found the vintage-y framed quilt pieces as well as the cherry fabric in an old window piece at a church benefit. The birds on the wall match the birds on the bumper, which my mom created for me, and are from a fabric calendar that I bought in South Africa when I was a kid. And I’ve always loved that intricately beaded textile which I found at a flea market in Thailand. I adore fabrics and have several cupboards piled high with gorgeous linens and textiles. I was so happy to have the chance to use them! The ceiling is filled with goodies from World Market and Hobby Lobby.

The crib side of Elliot’s room is accented with a stunning batik print medallion fabric that I found long ago at a South African flea market. And his chest of drawers was left behind in our home’s basement by the previous owners! The little elephants are from Target and have been a part of each boy’s nursery.

It’s been fun to incorporate a bit of my heritage and what I love so much into my boy’s rooms. I don’t get to use much pink, but I certainly get to use lots of other fun colors!

Thanks Kirsty and Elliot! You can find Kirsty at Love Lies In My Life.

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