My Room: Helen

Jen got her pink and was also sure to infuse Helen’s lovely room with personal touches including a passed down family quilt: Being a very girly kind of girl, I knew that I wanted Helen’s room to have lots of pink! But I also didn’t want my husband to hate it! LOL! Together we wanted the space to feel like a warm and magical kind of place for her to be a small child in.

So we decided upon a bohemian garden type of theme. I incorporated details from my husband’s and my childhood to make the space feel even more special. By putting details in the room that we were immediately drawn to while out shopping, the room turned out to represent everything we hoped our daughter would grow to be: warm, beautiful, unique, bold, comfortable and bright.

We chose dark wood for the crib and dresser because we liked that it added a bit of boldness to all of the girly details. We painted the walls Arizona, a shade of creamy yellow, to make the space feel warm. My favorite detail in the room is a crocheted afghan that hangs over her rocker–an afghan I remember throughout my own childhood.

Thanks Jen! Readers, Jen is a photographer in the San Francisco area – see her work at Jennifer Kloss Photography.

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