My Room: Kayden

For those about to rock, we salute Kayden’s room. Amber tells us about her son’s rock n roll room: Kayden’s room was inspired by him and his love for music (especially drums) and the color red. It was done on a very tight budget.

The toy shelf was the only new piece of furniture we bought for his room. Everything else was either second hand or made. It all started with the tool box as our first piece of furniture. I saw it and just had to have it for his room. Then my husband made the bed after seeing a similar one here on Ohdeedoh. We also designed the drum poster and had a friend print it off for us.

The rugs, lamp, toy shelf, pictures frames, round toy containers, and red toy boxes are all from Ikea. Everything else was given to us or bought second hand here in Mexico. I think it cost less than $200 total. Our favorite parts of the room are the drum poster and the sitting/reading/wrestling area.

Thanks Amber! (Mental note: add wrestling area at home!)

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