My Room: Sophia, Ava and Olivia

Amy and Jon’s three girls share this terrific room. Amy tells us more: We currently have our three daughters, Sophia (age 5), Ava (age 3), and Olivia (aka Baby O, age 1) all sharing the same bedroom. The room is only 9′ by 14′ which was an obstacle to overcome. But the room works well for them and they still have plenty of room for play.

We did the walls in bright white and left their toys to fill in the color. All of their shelves are normal floating shelves that we hung, filled the gap between the wall and the shelf with caulk, then painted them the same color as the walls so they appear to be built right out of the wall.

Did you know that a queen sized comforter can be divided exactly into four to create four perfectly sized comforters for a crib/toddler bed? I purchased an Alexander Girard comforter and divided it up so Sophia and Ava have matching bedding, costing a fraction of the cost of most crib bedding. All of their furniture is from Oeuf which has held up beautifully over the past five years.

I collect vintage toys and also wood animal sculptures which decorate the high shelves in their room. Their book collection is their prize possession and they all (including Baby O) sit and look at books together.

Thanks Amy, Jon, Sophia, Ava and Olivia!

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