My Room: Elliott Weston

Artwork can really make a room memorable and we’re smitten with the art Taylor and his wife used as a focal point in their son’s fun room: When Elliott’s mom and I first saw Ryan Berkley’s animal prints at the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair, we immediately knew we wanted an animal themed nursery even though she was only a few months pregnant. We picked out eight of our favorite prints on the spot and began planning the rest of the nursery around them.

Grandpa and I began work by replacing the room’s old double hung windows with new energy efficient pop-in windows. Next, I painted the walls mint green (with Yolo colorhouse paint) over a three day weekend, while grandma and my wife, Jennifer, made the curtains from bird fabric found online.

In order to keep things in budget (and to prevent accidents involving any family antiques), the furniture all came from IKEA. The room was finished off with window hardware from Urban Outfitters, a Flensted mobile, a Wilco poster (dad has his own small collection of prints scattered throughout the rest of the house) and a Crosley record player for playing Elliott’s favorite lullabies on vinyl.

Thanks Taylor, Jennifer and Elliott!

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