My Semi-DIY House Numbers

My Semi-DIY House Numbers

Michelle Chin
Sep 7, 2011

In the world of curb appeal, unique house numbers are pretty prominent on the "must have" list. There are plenty on the market, but if you want to really set yourself apart or find numbers that suit a specific era, it can be pretty spendy. I knew I wanted stainless steel, the ability to have them stand off from the surface to create a nice shadow effect and a font that was consistent with the era of my home.

Luckily I found Steelcut Creations from Australia who also has an ebay store called, steelcut*signs. They will laser cut your address out of stainless steel and nearly any font. They didn't have my font (Futura Medium), so I sent it to them. Unfortunately, the order came back as Arial Bold. Make sure to double check your custom orders as soon as they arrive.

Originally, I was going to add the stand off screw hardware that is offered in their store, but considering I had three addresses to deal with for my triplex, it was going to get very expensive very quickly. So, I opted to have them sent without pre-drilled holes and without the additional hardware. I figured I could DIY some way to make them stand away from the surface a little.

After much thought and research, I decided on half thread wood screws and some Oatey Fix-It-Stick All Purpose Bonding Putty would be sufficient. The putty is usable on potable water pipes, so it is safe to handle. All you need to do is tear off a little chunk and mix it thoroughly in your hand. Once mixed to a nice medium grey, you need to work quickly before it hardens. Don't cut off too much at once or you'll just be throwing away putty.

Once I got the screws in place, I was able to put a little bit of putty on the head and press the number into it. It bonded quite quickly. If your number isn't even, don't be afraid to pull it off and start over. Just don't wait too long or it'll be stuck there crooked forever.

And here's the finished product! (They're not actually crooked...from close up it looks like it, but it's the ledge that's a bit uneven, so it was hard to orient it. From the street, the numbers look very even!)

(Images: Michelle Chin)

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