My Side, Your Side: Claiming Your Territory

My Side, Your Side: Claiming Your Territory

Abby Stone
Jan 16, 2009

11609-sharebed.jpgYesterday, Grace shared some of the pros and cons of living alone. One of the items which falls on either side of the spectrum for us is sleeping alone. There's the great part: spreading out, hogging all the covers, piling the bed with magazines, the computer, the IPhone and eating cookies in bed. The not so great part? Sleeping alone: it's cold, there's no one to talk with and it's a lot less fun. We happen to think sharing a bed with someone with whom you share a a sleeping style can be absolutely delicious...

Sleeping alone, we tend to switch from side to side, claiming one portion of the bed or the other as the spirit moves us. However, when we have company, we defer to their preference (though, being left-handed, if pressed, we'd probably admit that we prefer the left side of the bed). Whether you live alone or with someone, do you have a side that's yours? Or is my side of the bed up for grabs in your home? Let us know in the comments...

[Image expertly photoshopped by Gregory Han]

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