My Small Home: Skipping the Baby Bathtub

My Small Home: Skipping the Baby Bathtub

Carrie McBride
May 22, 2013

My bathroom is ridiculously tiny. A very pregnant visitor once asked if she could use the bathroom. "You can try." We do have a full bath, but no room to house a baby bathtub. When my son was born 5 years ago and now with my daughter, we made do with other products suited to small homes. Here they are... 

With my son I used a foldable bath sling similar to this one above by Summer Infant. It was about $10 and, once folded, was small enough to stow away above our medicine cabinet. There was nothing fancy about it and I always kept one hand on my son to make sure he didn't slide off, but it did a good job of keeping his head out of the water. When he was around 5 months old I gave it away to another family and would simply put him in the tub, in a few inches of water (now, with more confidence as I had more parenting experience).

For my daughter, now almost 4 months old, I bought this froggy "bath cushion" by Safety 1st. It was also less than $10 and easy to store above my medicine cabinet. After a bath I wring it out, leave it at the end of the tub and it dries completely within a few hours. I was worried it might develop mildew over time but this hasn't happened so far. 

I know some parents who forgo a baby tub use their sink (sometimes in conjunction with a Puj Tub), but my bathroom sink is teeny tiny and I didn't want to rearrange the dish rack and other kitchen items around the sink each time I wanted to give my baby a bath.

I recommend both these products for small home dwellers or as something to travel with or keep at grandma's house. Did you skip the baby bath tub? What worked for you?

(Images: 1. Carrie McBride 2. Summer Infant 3. Safety 1st)

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