My Tech Top 10: Campbell Faulkner

My Tech Top 10: Campbell Faulkner

Campbell Faulkner
Dec 31, 2010

And a Happy New Years Eve to you dear readers. My name is Campbell and I have had the privledge to write for Unplggd since late last summer. I recently graduated from graduate school and am now waiting to start my new job as an analytical consultant in the petroleum industry. My passion for tech was born from my love of photography and expanded into computers and other gadgets. Over time that has resulted in a rather large collection of bits with silicon and batteries. Unlike many of the other contributors, I sometimes exhibit very strong luddite tendencies leaving me with mixed emotion about technology. But my mixed affair with techy bits underlies a passion for strong design and coherent user experience.

Top Row:

  • iPad with 3G: While I have only had my iPad for a little over a week, it has quickly become one of my favorite devices. It has nearly rendered my laptop an anachronism except for text input and running computer simulations. Additionally it's battery life means I only need to charge it once every couple of days. Couple that with seamless start up and ease of use, it has quickly won me over. It might even get me to reconsider my hatred for e readers.
  • Surefire 6P LED: It is fitting that the Surefire is one of my first posts on Unplggd. The light is durable enough to use as a weapon, and is so bright it makes me squint in the dark. I have used the light camping, hunting, and just around the house. It has distinguished itself through all of those uses. Few pieces of technology bring a smile to my face but the Surefire has been able to do it again and again.
  • Apple MacBook (Unibody): I truly hate laptops, from their bad screens and crummy ergonomics to their lack of power. But somehow my MacBook has been able to keep me happy. From crunching monte carlo sims to writing papers in the library it has held up and keep on ticking. It lacks the sex appeal of the MacBook Air and does not have the speed of my iMac, but through and through it keeps doing the job without a whimper.
  • iPhone 4: The iPhone 4 is my second iPhone and has me left me ecstatic. It is elegant, simple and can be used by a 4 year old. Many have become angered by its lack of durability and carrier, but the other virtues of the phone have kept me happy enough to barely notice.
  • TiVo HD: TiVo and I have a long relationship spanning over 4 years. The HD is my second TiVo and I couldn't love it more. From recording my favorite shows to streaming Netflix, TiVo is a necessary item in my home entertainment system. While it is far from perfect, TiVo does its job so well I am willing to overlook its flaws and continue diligently paying its monthly fee.

Bottom Row:

  • Canon Rebel XT: While it might be 5 years old, my Canon Rebel XT has taken countless thousands of photos and has helped me capture the world around me. While an upgrade would be nice, my old XT still takes quality photos and continues to soldier on though tough conditions. My XT has survived sand, snow, rain, fog and just about any other weather condition out there. For that I am thankful and amazed at the years of service that it has provided.
  • Suunto S-Lander: Its a watch with way to many functions that I just cannot live without. Up until a year ago, I never wore a watch and did not see the purpose in owning one. Now it is my constant companion and is utilized at all hours of the day. I am sure that it is not the watch for everyone but it is has become a constant companion when I leave the house.
  • Canon 50mm 1.4: The 50 is my first and only prime lens at this point and I am glad it was my first. Razor sharp photos and excellent image quality is par for this lens and is significantly higher than any zoom lens I own. Simply put, I am obsessed with it and find myself using it nearly every time I break out my XT.
  • Roku: While I don't personally own a Roku, I have been fortunate enough to use one. My girlfriend bought one a while back so she could watch TV while canceling her cable bill. The Roku is simple, easy, and a pleasure to use. While it is not a complete replacement for cable, it is a cheap way get 70% of what cable offers.
  • Shure E2 Headphones: My Shure headphones are so old they have not been made for at least 4 years. They were my first audio purchase of note and while there are significantly better headphones out there, for the money they have been exceptional. I just hope the next pair of headphones, no matter what they are hold up as well.

My temporary workspace while I am back home for the holidays. Small, poorly laid out, and an ergonomic nightmare but it does the trick thanks to my trusty MacBook.

Technology/device I'm most looking forward to in 2011: I am really looking forward to potentially purchasing a new iMac. Mine is not particularly old, but it would be nice to upgrade to a new set up. Additionally, I am extremely excited to see the new Mac OS Lion when it is supposed to debut next fall.

Tech or tech organizational tip: Once a year sit down and pull all of your old tech out of its hiding place. We used to keep an old TiVo in our closet under the pretense that we would somehow use it. Realistically we had no such intention and along with keeping old iPods it had little purpose. Either sell or donate your old tech so that other can continue to use it, otherwise it is wasteful to keep an old piece of gear rotting in the basement.

I never leave home without: My Sunnto Watch and my iPhone 4! Those two devices are the most important part of my everyday carry and are with me anytime I step away from the house. The phone is to act as my communications and information hub and the watch, well, is just to tell time.

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