My Tech Top 10 Curated by Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Noir

My Tech Top 10 Curated by Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Noir

Gregory Han
Sep 8, 2010

We've been long time fans of Kitsune Noir, a depository of visual and musical inspirations, fashion, art & design and products handpicked by one Mr. Bobby Solomon. It's the first place we go hunting for new desktop wallpapers and the destination for his sonic-satisfying musical mixcasts. Bobby has been keen enough to share his Tech Top 10 below, revealing an affinity for Cupertino's creations, a preference for the colour white, and an admirable love of living without the automobile in car-centric Los Angeles.

Bobby's Tech Essentials:

Apple iPhone 4
The most important piece of tech I use is definitely my iPhone 4. I use it for email, Twitter, drafting blog posts (like these very words), playing games when I'm bored, getting directions on my bike, discovering new restaurants... As you can see, this is basically my third arm.

Surly Steamroller Bike
For the last year I've been surviving in Los Angeles without a car, taking the bus to get from my apartment in East Los Angeles and traveling to my office in Beverly Hills. But I got a bit sick of being cooped up all the time so I decided to buy a bike in honor of my car-free on year anniversary. It's called a Steamroller and it was built by a brand named Surly. I was told the frame is really strong and sturdy and should last me a long time. I've been riding her for about 3 weeks now and so far it's been amazing. P.S. Her name is Surly McLane :)

Apple iPad
I have an iMac as my main hub for all my iDevices but I have to say that my new favorite is my iPad. I honestly use it constantly, it's become really easy to write blog posts and emails, browse through apps like Flipbook to find interesting ideas or play games like Osmos or The Incident.

Canon S90
For a while now I've been using a Canon Rebel XT as my main camera but started to get annoyed by it's size. It's awkward to carry around cramped art shows so I upgraded to a smaller Canon S90 which packs just as much punch but with a much smaller form.

Classic Apple 120GB iPodĀ 
I'm one of those guys who has to have all his music on him all the time, there's no telling when I'll need to hear an old song that's stuck in my head. So I always carry around my Classic iPod which can hold 120 GB, perfect for my library of roughly 85 GBs.

Joey Roth Speakers
I was lucky enough to be one of the very first bloggers to be sent a pair if these amazing speakers by Joey Roth. That was all the way back in January and since then he's blown up, and with good reason. These speakers are crisp and amazing sounding but beautiful and timeless as well.

Starr X Bottle Opener
I guess this is on the low-tech end of everything but I considered it one of the most important items in my apartment. The Starr X bottle opener is a wall mounted bottle opener like you'd find in an old-timey saloon. It's made of metal, mounts to your wall and makes opening beers a cinch. You can find these for around $9 online.

White Timex Watch
A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for a nice, white watch, something simple and not too flashy. Randomly enough I spotted this classic looking Timex in the Steven Alan Outpost in Los Feliz and instantly fell in love. I bang the hell out of it all the time but it's sturdy metal body and band make it pretty damn indestructible. It's also nice that it was only about $60.

Miele Olympus Vacuum Cleaner
My roommate and I had been using his mother's old, crappy vacuum for way too long and finally I got tired of it and decided to invest in a nice vacuum that would last me. Based on price and looks I decided to go with the Miele Olympus, which is like the Apple of vacuums. My apartment is only like 400 - 500 square feet so this little guy is easy to roam about with and doesn't take up too much space when being stored.

Norelco Shaver
To be honest I kind of ran out of things to talk about. For someone who considers themselves to be pretty tech saavy I really do try to keep my gadgets to a minimum. I don't have a nice TV or a Playstation or a car, what you see in the list above is honestly it. But I thought I'd throw in my shaver for all you guys out there. I tend to get razor burn on my neck when I shave with a razor, so I made a switch to an electric trimmer which gives me that "rugged mountain" look... uh huh. In any case, I don't look homeless with a giant beard or look like I was mauled by my razor.

*Thanks to Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Noir for sharing his Tech Top 10!

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