My Tech Top 10: Heather Dale

My Tech Top 10: Heather Dale

Gregory Han
Jan 4, 2011
Today's Tech Top 10 spotlight shines over to San Francisco, upon EcoSalon's managing editor, Heather Dale. You might recognize Heather if you follow the the women's tech site, GeekSugar, where she focused on technologies for the fashion forward, tech-savvy female readership. Now she's over at EcoSalon, a site focused on "women of substance and style, where we present modern living with heart" and it's obvious she hasn't lost her love of gadgets, most notably a penchant for portable devices and gaming options.

1. Flip Ultra HD
Pocket-sized, records in high-def and with plug-in-play capabilities with its nifty USB arm - what more could you want in a video camera? The flip cam is a constant evolving gizmo which is now available in half the size of the model I have here, and it has the capability to record hours upon hours of footage. Need I say more? 

2. Nintendo DS Lite
Confession: I tend to get a dose of ADD on long flights. Maybe it's my inner child coming out, but sitting for more than five hours requires some serious movies, magazines and gadgets to keep me from losing my marbles. A DS Lite is the perfect accompaniment for a long trip for the obvious reasons of being compact, it stays juiced up for hours on a single charge and I get to play brain-teasing fun games like Professor Layton. 

3. BlackBerry Bold 9700
I've always been a BlackBerry girl. I love the tactile keys, the wonderful world of BBM'g and having the ability to set up individual profiles for at home and at work. I predict a Droid/iPhone smartphone change may be imminent come 2011, but for now I'll continue to feed my CrackBerry addiction. 

4. Nintendo Wii 
The Wii is a staple in my home entertainment zone. Just like my DVR, VCR, and TV, this gleaming white device provides me with endless hours of competitive fun - New Super Mario Bros and Wii Sports Resort are just a couple of my favorites. I also love the fact that it's a crowd-pleaser with house guests, as everyone transforms into instant rock stars with Band Hero. As for my neighbors, well, we won't ask them how they feel about the game! 

5. Skullcandy iPod Dock 
Who needs a gigantic stereo system when you can have one of these sleek speaker docks from Skullcandy? Tiny yes, but mighty is what this portable speaker is all about, delivering 5.6 Watts of crisp and clear audio to my ears that can manage to fill not one, but two rooms with superior sound quality. I can either plug it in with the AC wall adapter, or use AAA batteries when it needs to join me on an outdoor picnic excursion. And I know not everyone goes ga ga over remotes, but this dock comes with one, so I can play dj from the comfort of my couch. 

6. Calculator
With this selection, I know I'm dating myself, but hear me out. I have a calculator on my cell phone and laptop, but when I have lots of numbers to crunch, you just can't deny the power of a user-friendly calculator. I picked this beauty up at Target for less than $5 and as you can see she's not your everyday calculator. Minus any fancy bells and whistles, she comes with big, soft button keys, and, wait for it, she's also solar-powered. Please hold your oo's and aww's. 

7. Canon PowerShot 780IS
Oh Canon and your PowerShots - you can never do me wrong! This is my fourth PowerShot and I must admit, they substantially improve with each generation (do they even have generations?). Nonetheless, my 780IS is teeny, yet manages to have a 2.5" LCD screen, can record high def videos and is fashionable to boot! This point-and-shoot has been around the world with me and is raring to go for my next big adventure. 

8. Radius Earphones
I sing the praises of these earbuds all.the.time. But let me tell you why. I've tried out the uber expensive surround sound earphones and the Radius Atomic Bass headphones are comparable, if not better than the $300+ gold-studded headphones. Priced around $30, these earphones allow me to listen to music the way it was intended to be enjoyed. You get the prefect blend of treble and bass and with various sizes of ear bud fittings, they fit perfectly in my ears. And that little mic running down the left cord? It allows me to be hands-free on my cell phone. Woot! 

9. Nikon 3000D
A DSLR camera has been on my tech wish list for quite some time now. Naturally, I caved by treating myself, but rather than splurging for a top of the line Canon or Nikon, I decided to go with this entry-level SLR that is perfect for me and my photography needs. Thankfully for a new DSLR owner, the 3000D offers step-by-step instructions for utilizing its many features. I was able to capture some impressive shots in Italy this summer and couldn't be happier with the picture quality. 

10. iPod Nano 
To Nano or not to Nano? How could anyone not Nano? My Nano comes with me in the car, it gets me through that last mile on a run, it's a must have on the bus - where does it not go is the question? I have an iPod Touch and the Nano still manages to reign supreme. Smaller than a pack of gum, it just gets the job done. 

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