My Tech Top 10: Jaime Derringer and Caroline Williamson of Design Milk

My Tech Top 10: Jaime Derringer and Caroline Williamson of Design Milk

Gregory Han
Apr 4, 2013

Design Milk, a longtime favorite site of mine, describes itself as "always fresh + never sour", and I can't disagree. Their fortified daily feed spans from the world of art to design to architecture and beyond all with a modernist's sensibility (but I think as an animal lover, I may enjoy their pet site, Dog Milk, a whisker more). Founder Jaime Derringer and associate editor Caroline Williamson were kind enough to share their daily tech tool favorites all within arm's reach of their desk, splitting our usual My Tech Top in half...

Jaime's My Tech 5

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15" (and iMac + Mac Monitor): I sit at a desk and use an iMac all day, but whenever I'm traveling or want to sit on the couch or lay in bed and work, I jump onto my MacBook. I use Mac sharing and Dropbox to keep all my files organized and current with both computers.
  • Space  I'm always cold. Maybe I'm cold blooded (that's what my husband says!)? I could live in the desert and still be freezing. I always have a space heater going. There's no need to heat the entire house when I spend all day in just one room. I need to get an Aeron chair-shaped heating pad? Herman Miller, are you listening?
  • Apple iPhoneI actually have two phones - one for business and one for personal. However, the iPhone is the one that ends up making all the trips with me.
  • Moleskine Notebook and  I love all things digital, and I even moved to a digital to-do list, but I still can't stop taking notes, doodling or sticking reminders to my monitor. There are some old school habits that I just can't (or don't want to) shake. I typically use Moleskine notebooks and Post-it Notes. I like Sharpie pens, but I also love a Pilot Easy Touch ball point.
  • Canon 60DNot pictured, because I'm actually using it to take this photos! I've had a few Canon DSLRs and I've loved them all. When I'm not an iPhone-ographer, I'm using my Canon to take photos. 

Caroline's Top Tech 5

  • ZAGGfolio iPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with CoverWhether I'm traveling or lounging around on the sofa, I keep my iPad handy and I love this keyboard/case combo just as much as the iPad itself. Instead of hauling my MacBook Pro everywhere when I want to check emails or surf the internet, I whip this out and type to my heart's content. No more pecking on the screen when I want to write more than three words.
  • Doxie Go ScannerI keep this mini scanner in my desk drawer or pack it when I'm on the road for quick scans and it more than does the job. I can scan receipts, documents, or even photos in a matter of seconds and it takes up no more room than a 3-hole punch.
  • Apple Magic MouseI'm not sure what I did before I had my Magic Mouse... Oh yeah, I had carpal tunnel syndrome from using the trackpad day and night. It might eat batteries like there's no tomorrow, but it's a lifesaver.
  • Poketo Stick-Up Weekly CalendarWhile I love any and all things digital, I still love paper to make lists. I mean, I am never far from a stack of Post-it Notes. Lately, I've fallen in love with this weekly calendar as I can lay out tasks for the whole week and check them off as I finish them. It sits in front of my laptop so it's within eyesight but not in my way.
  • Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen TabletIf you use Photoshop for just even part of the time, this tablet will make your life easier. It makes your movements that much more precise than using a mouse or a trackpad. It's definitely more ergonomic when you're in design mode and it's a must-have in my desktop repertoire.

Special thanks to Jaime and Caroline!

(Images: Jaime Derringer and Caroline Williamson)

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