My Tech Top 10: Jason Rodway

My Tech Top 10: Jason Rodway

Jason Rodway
Dec 30, 2011

Hi, I'm Jason Rodway. You might remember me from such posts as Long Distance Relationships: Version 2.0 and My Geek Chiq Wedding. Classic TV references aside, I'm fairly new to the Unplggd team and love all things mobile tech and enjoy nothing more than a long bus ride alone with my arsenal of gadgets. To say that one day I'd write about my biggest passion is literally a dream come true.

Canon Rebel EOS T3i:
My jump into the world of DSLR cameras was strong with the Canon Rebel T3i. The stars were aligned just right with an upcoming wedding and proper photos for my posts to get a decent camera. There was always something about the Canon Rebel I was drawn to and I've yet to be disappointed with its ease of use and amazing picture quality that never fails to astound me.

iPad 1G 32GB Wifi Model:
Six years ago, I carried around a sketchbook, a notebook and my Sony Ericsson W810i everywhere I went. What I love about my iPad is how it's all of these (and more) in one package. I've never been fond of using a mouse with Photoshop on the computer and didn't find the experience organic. When I got the iPad, I made leaps and bounds with digital art than in the 6 years prior to owning it. Not only is it smaller than a spiral sketchbook, it also carries every sketch I've ever done. Beyond art, music and writing it's also my secondary monitor, calendar, portfolio, picture frame, browser, e-reader, game system, manga reader, video player and Apple TV remote.

iPad Stylus Collection:
I use my iPad (and on occasion my iPhone) to doodle, draw, paint and everything graphic related. Since getting my tablet I've begun collecting a variety of stylus' to get the perfect feel. Although I have quite a few I'm generally satisfied with the Pogo Sketch and Targus Stylus. There are still a few on my wish list to get. For those curious, the next immediate two are the Wacom Bamboo Stylus and the Pogo Sketch Pro.

iPod Nano 6G 16GB:
Although I love setting multiple uses for my devices, I find that music carries such a big space in my life to warrant its own piece. I'm never far from my music and with the tiny form factor am never inconvenienced. In these colder winter months I'm able to thread the headphones cable through my coats sleeve and am still able to control it on the fly.

MacBook Pro 13":
The heart and brain behind all my tech is my MacBook Pro. Being my first Macintosh, I'm enjoying the fusion of style and productivity to get to the heart of the matter. I love it when all my devices integrate with each other in some shape or form and with iCloud my tech philosophies and prayers were answered.

V-Moda Crossfade LP:
When it came down to shopping for headphones, I was looking for something personal. My Crossfade LPs have great style, comfort and sound all wrapped up into one. Majority of the time it's hooked up to my iPod Nano but I never corner it in since it's amazing for my MacBook, iPad or iPhone when I'm working or relaxing with a good book. It handles a wide variety of genres from classical to dance with utmost quality and that's why I can't see myself using anything else. Not to mention the nylon cord is strong, has no friction that rubber tends to suffer from and doesn't get dirty.

Macally HD Enclosure:
I love the design of the Mac Pro but don't think it's right for me since I'm always on the move so I invested in the next best thing. When our old HP computer went dead, we scooped out its Hard Drive which was still good and deposited into what we now dub the Mac Pro Mini. Backing up all our media like this looks almost as good as the Time Capsule.

Apple TV:
Some people buy mugs or shirts as souvenirs on vacation. On my trip to the Big Apple, I made a trip to the 5th Avenue Apple Store and bought an Apple TV. Not only does my Apple TV have sentimentality from my trip but I saved a lot of money in comparison to buying it in Canada with the price difference, currency exchange and taxes. My future plans are to hook up surround sound directly to it so I don't have to turn on the TV to listen to music so I can have a seamless audio experience throughout the flat.

iPhone 4 16GB:
Staying connected in todays world is essential and my phone helps me keep up with a lot of things. Where my iPad helps me create content, my iPhone helps me manage my tasks and keeps me on track. I like to think of it as the chain that connects and links it all together. From time to time I write quick blurbs on it as well since it's always within arms reach.

I fully embrace the digital revolution and wherever possible try to buy a digital copy over a disc. My PS3 is loaded with old PSOne classic games as well as a few PSP downloads from my PSP-2000 model which has been gathering dust as of late. It's as big as my iPhone and satiates the gamer within on the go. I'm a connoisseur of gaming and as much as I love playing on my iPhone, nothing compares to the feel of the classic control pad in your hand.

What I hope to see in 2012: Rumours are shaking down the pipeline of a 15" MacBook Air as well as a slimmer, redesigned MacBook Pro. I'm hoping for that perfect balance of power and versatility for a hopeful upgrade next year that will be a little easier on the shoulders.

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