My Tech Top 10 Curated by Jean Aw of NotCot

My Tech Top 10 Curated by Jean Aw of NotCot

Gregory Han
Aug 13, 2010

There are some people who've just got it all, and when it comes to seeing, experiencing and reporting on the latest, relevant and simply fun, Jean Aw of tastemaker site, NotCot, is usually amongst the first to be doing it. NotCot and Jean are interchangeable, her network of sites an extension of her designer's eye, an infectious playful curiosity, and an unbounded energy for hunting out the newest in art, travel, design, furnishings, and of course technology (or in Jean's words, "a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements). Her affinity for tech is obvious, her selection envy-inducing...she was kind enough to take some of her time to reveal the tech she uses and loves in her life below.

Jean's Tech Essentials:
1. Apple Macbook Pro
2. A tie between HTC Legend and iPhone/iPad (really these are all in the same category and relatively interchangeable for me!)
3. Canon 5D MKII DSLR

My tech life is just more fun with...
4. Logitech Squeezebox BOOM!
It's so tiny, so portable, and has decent sound... especially when you move into a new place and have nothing set up yet but internet access. Just plug it in, let it find the wi-fi and internet radio, Last.FM, Pandora, or anything on your network! Great UI and stunning sleek glossy black design! Little details like the remote snapping on with a light magnetic pull are awesomely Logitech.

5. Samsung LED LCD TV (and monitor)
SO THIN! And frighteningly crisp picture quality. They are really works of art! I can't help staring at these both from the side when I walk into the rooms. And the monitor with HDMI inputs and headphone jack audio out really makes it perfect for a guest room TV/Mac Mini setup...

6. Fusion Tables pool table
Totally techy! It has magical hydraulic legs that allow a little girl like me to lift and lower it between dining and pool playing heights! And with the crazy spandex pockets... olive felt... and walnut exterior. The Fusion has been the perfect mix of textures for me to shoot product photos on, or use it as a dining/conference table, or just kick back and play pool with friends!

7. Hunter Douglas Blinds
A recent obsession with the new move ~ caught up on various blind/shade technology ~ and while I didn't go all out on the remote controlled options (manual is fine, no need to waste batteries here!) ~ the WAY these things can open and close has me sitting by the window like a little kid: Open. Close. Repeat.

8. Dyson DC31
Dustbusting has never been SO FUN!!! I adore this thing ~ nevermind that it feels like a giant video game inspired gun of the future... it sucks like no other! And that big red trigger button is just hilarious?

9. Slingbox
Magically sling TV/DVR stuff around the world, up into the sky (while on wifi flights), to my phones (like watching world cup games while in the waiting room for jury duty)... or just to the laptop in bed or in the kitchen? Can't wait for the iPad app to be out so it can be the portable TV for the elliptical...

10. Hurom Juicer
We did a lot of juicer hunting when i got back into the fresh juice thing with a green juice obsession (read: fill supermarket/farmer's market basket with all kinds of green and stick in juicer) ~ and really technologies haven't changed much since the Juiceman era of my childhood. In fact my mom's ancient fading/yellowing one worked better than a top of the line Breville one I tried that burned out its motor on a carrot on the second juicing!

Basically there are the masticating ones (that look like sausage makers) and the ones that have a big flat spinning grater/blade. This Hurom one manages to combine both! And the juice tastes delicious, driest pulp I've seen, and easy to clean! Freaky random note: the Hurom sounds like it's chewing. "NOM NOM NOM" really is the sound it makes as it sucks your fruits and veggies in!

*Thanks to Jean Aw of NotCot for both the interview and sharing her photos!

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