My Tech Top 10: Joelle Alcaidinho

I love technology, whether it’s in an airplane, sewing machine, computer or tea kettle. I am passionate about making things, and as much as I love the latest and greatest, I can often be found baking from scratch, knitting, and humming an old-time tune. Travel is also a big part of my life (could always be more!) and this means my tech for the most part needs to be mobile and work well regardless of the continent. My top ten (not ranked in order of importance) can kind of be seen as a love letter to the tech that helps get me through my day, travels, and makes life all that much more pleasant. Oh heated blanket, I love you so.

Top Row:
iPhone 4: My love for this little guy knows no bounds. I upgraded from the second generation iPhone to this model and could not be happier with it (AT&T service however is a whole other story). This handy device was picked up at the Apple Store in Regent Street which means that he is unlocked. This makes traveling with the phone very pleasant as it is simply a matter of popping in the appropriate sim for the country I am in.
Sunbeam Heated Blanket: It’s winter and I would be lying if I undersold the importance of this blanket in my life. Since its introduction to my humble abode it has helped me to sleep through the night in my very cold apartment and has become one of the most important pieces of tech I own.
Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones: These sound great and as an added bonus help keep the ears warm during the terrible, rotten, no good season called winter.
WD My Passport Essential SE Drive: Since my computer is troubled by performing tasks like launching Aperture (its very old), I have taken to living off of this handy little external drive. I take this drive with me to friend’s houses and various workspaces and use it to boot from. Without this handy drive, I would not be able to do my job.
Kensington International Travel Plug With USB Adapter: This adapter makes powering devices while traveling very very easy. I love that it has a USB attachment for when I am traveling light (sans laptop) which almost all of my devices can charge from.

Bottom Row:
iPad: When the iPad was announced I was not one of the people scrambling to get in line to purchase one. I had an old Apple laptop and iPhone, what did I need this device for? While I cannot say that anyone ever really “needs” an iPad, this is one of the best gifts I have ever been given. I use it several times a day, whether to read, type notes in meetings, or to display photos to a prospective client (and cough, play Angry Birds).
Salter Digital Scale: I love to bake and having a scale makes baking with ratios much easier. Since I juggle between two worlds, metric and imperial, the scale makes getting the right amount of ingredients very easy by switching between these two measurement system. As an added bonus it’s also brilliant for weighing yarn.
Kindle 2: Although I have a shiny iPad (operative word, shiny), I do still use my Kindle. The Kindle is much much easier to read outside and when the weather is nice, I often retreat to the park with a good read. It’s easy to read Kindle content between devices (iPad, Kindle, and iPhone), I love how seamlessly they all sync so I never miss my place!
Nikon D200: This camera and I have been through quite a lot together. While it is a little worse for wear, it still works well and is a superb SLR. Now if I can just get my boyfriend to part with some of the lenses to his D700…
SanDisk ImageMate Multi-Card Reader: When my cheap terrible card reader up and quit I snagged this fellow. So far it has proven to work well and it has a nice slim profile making it easy to find space for when it’s not being used (this happens while I sleep).

Technology/device I’m most looking forward to in 2011: If Apple releases a new and exciting (woops, I meant “magical and revolutionary”) iPad, I could seriously get behind that. Imagine, an iPad with a Retina display, yes please!
Tech or tech organizational tip: Felt square from craft stores are surprisingly useful. Use them to soften carry cases for your tech or for wire management. They are also good for craft projects, like geeky magnets.
I never leave home without: My iPhone. It’s my go to camera for quick snaps around town, my map, and the best companion to Skype ever.

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