My Tech Top 10: Jonathan Lo

My Tech Top 10: Jonathan Lo

Gregory Han
Nov 10, 2010

111010MyTechTop10.jpg111010curatedby.jpgSome of you longtime Apartment Therapy readers might recognize the name Jonathan Lo. When he wasn't designing the world a better place through his graphic design firm J3 Productions, Jonathan was the other half of Apartment Therapy Los Angeles with yours truly. He's gone onto do some amazing other endevours, including the release of his recent zine, At Your Leisure, alongside keeping shelter+design lovers fed with a steady diet of handpicked inspirations via his website, Happy Mundane. Here are ten tech tools Jonathan uses and loves...

1. Apple MacBook Pro
Being an art director and a blogger, this thing basically stores my life. It's my major source of entertainment and information, as well as my office- and being a laptop, lets my office be just about anywhere (which strangely is usually on a bed).

2. Targus "x" Laptop Stand
Being that my laptop plays such a big part in my life, it's important to keep it cool and ventilated. The Targus "X-stand" has been a great device to prop it up and let air flow through the bottom. It folds down like a mini-tripod, which is really convenient for travel.

3. Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones
Speaking of travel, my Bose noise canceling headphones are a must-have whenever I have to fly. After a horrendous long flight sitting next to a screaming child, behind an obnoxious chattering passenger, and being so annoyed that I couldn't even hear the video I was trying to watch using my crappy little headphones, I was determined to never experience that again. The Bose headphones are not cheap, but the second I turned them on and those moments of clear undisturbed sound came through, it changed my world. They are now worth every penny to me.

4. Apple iPhone
I actually held out buying an iphone until the 3GS came out. I don't know why I waited so long because now I can't see my life without it. I really want the iPhone 4, but until my current plan runs out, the 3GS works great and is a direct extension of my laptop office (and I can't seem to keep away from those darn Angry Birds!)

5. Canon Powershot SD 990IS Digital Elph
When it comes to a camera, I just want to capture the moment fast and easy. A real "point and shoot"- and this little guy is just that. I'm not really one who likes to have to carry big bags around or worry about different parts and attachments. This guy is small and slim enough to throw in my pocket and I've had great success taking quick shots without much blur. It's got a huge LCD view screen and 14.7 megapixel resolution so it can take really large images. It also has a really great zoom.

6. JBL OnTour Portable Music Box
For speakers so small, these little guys pack a punch! I use them at the office and they fill the room with phat beats. Great for travel as well since the integrated cover folds up and protects everything, but they also acts as a stand.

7. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine by Krups
I got this as a gift and it's now become such a handy part of my morning routine. The two things I really love about this single serve espresso maker is that first, how fast it is (literally from the moment you turn it on, it only takes 30 seconds for the water to heat up), and secondly how truly authentic it tastes. It really gives a good froth and they have a great mocha and latte macchiato. Plus everytime I look at  it, the design reminds me of a little bird, and that always makes me smile.

8. Shark Steam Mop
It wasn't until I got my dog Pepé that I realized how dirty my floors really get. I love the Swiffer, but sometimes you need to mop. I used to use the Swiffer Wet Jet, but didn't like the chemical smell and was always a bit concerned about any leftover residue. Then I heard about these steam mops and decided to try it out. I have wood laminate flooring, and so far I'm loving the results and I love the fact that it's chemical free.

9. MUJI screwdriver kit
Muji is known for it's simple but highly functional and aesthetically pleasing design, and this screwdriver set is a perfect example. There are eight different interchangeable heads and the packaging is compact and easy to store anywhere.

10. Grip n Flip and Scoop n Strain
Ok- don't judge. But yes, I bought these "As Seen on TV" items (they came in a convenient box set). I didn't actually call the 1-800 number (though oh so tempted) but actually got them at Bed Bath and Beyond. I've had them for a few years now and not even sure they make them anymore, but I have to say- I use these guys ALL the time! These silly named utensils actually do exactly what they say they do and I love 'em!


Thanks Jonathan!

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