My Tech Top 10: Josh Rubin

My Tech Top 10: Josh Rubin

Gregory Han
Dec 17, 2010
Cool Hunting began like most any blog: a depository of inspiring images, notable stories and designs observations of the site's founder, Josh Rubin. In short time, the site has become synonymous with being always there, before everyone else, when it comes to the…well…the cool and creative. Cool Hunting has become amongst one of the brightest beacons online for culturally relenvant and dependably engaging content So whether it's visiting a Korean grandmother for her kimchi recipe, launching a popup shop, or offering limited edition collaborative designs for charity, Josh and his team always execute with great taste. Here are ten tech items Josh uses and loves regularly, some cool and some surprisingly just pragmatic...

Nikon D700
I've been taking photographs with Nikon cameras since I was 8 years old and went digital pretty early on. The full-frame sensor on the D700 blew my mind when I first started using it and it continues to make me incredibly happy as I take pictures with it ever day.

Gary Fong Flash Diffuser
The collapsible Gary Fong flash diffuser might look like a Rubbermaid left-overs container but it softens the strobe so well, who cares?

BlueLounge Cable Clips
I'm a bit anal about keeping things in my bag tidy and organized and use these cable clips on just about everything.

iLuv multi-USB Plug
With so many USB-powered devices that I use on the road having one plug with three outlets helps keep the number of accessories somewhat tamed.

Mophie back-up battery
A back-up battery that fits the universal Apple mobile device plug, this thing comes in handier for the iPhone than the iPad but is useful for either.

Vicky Pollard Mimobot USB storage
I loved Little Britain (the BBC version) so when HBO and Mimobot joined forces to make USB storage devices to launch the US version, I was stoked to get a Vicky Pollard of my very own.

Apple Magic Trackpad
As much of an Apple fanboy as I am, I was skeptical about this one. I fell in love with it right away because it was the most natural transition from my laptop trackpad, even inheriting all of my multi-touch settings.

Freehands Cool Hunting Editions Cashmere Gloves
I started Freehands with my father, Stanley, a few years back to solve the iPhone-in-the-winter conundrum. This year we made a Cool Hunting Edition of the cashmere gloves with gray-on-gray stripes.

Etymotics Custom Molded Earphones
The custom molded tips on these earphones make them fit perfectly and block out all exterior noise which helps the impeccable sound quality of the E4Ps really perform.

Livescribe Echo Pen
My note-taking has become revolutionized by this pen which simultaneously records writing movement and sound and can be played back by tapping anywhere on the page so you hear what was recorded when that note was being written.

In addition to editing Cool Hunting, Josh consults for select clients on strategy, content and design for digital products, services and publications. His clients have included Apple, Adobe, Vodafone, Nike, Google and MTV among many others. Josh helped to found the digital consultancy Bond Art + Science, was a Lead User Interface Designer at Motorola, a Design Director at Razorfish, in charge of product development at Upoc Networks and an intern at IDEO. He has a BA in Communications and Cognitive Science from Hampshire College and a Master's in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU. 

Josh gets excited about obsessive compulsive art, elegant uses of technology, creative design executions, delicious local food and general paradoxes. He lives in New York City with his husband and business partner, Evan Orensten, and their two Sealyham Terriers Otis and Logan.

Thanks, Josh!

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