My Tech Top 10: Julie Wolfson
Gregory Han
Dec 13, 2010

Julie Wolfson is one of the most prolific online writers we know, dividing her time contributing to a myriad of sites that range from reporting as the lifestyles editor over at Angeleno-centric, LAist, to worldly tastemaker reporting for Cool Hunting, and even "gamer mom" video games new for IGN. It goes without saying that technology, especially that of the mobile variety, plays a big part in her everyday lifestyle. Here are 10 tech tools she can't live without...

1. Blackberry Bold
Most days I am on the go covering a story. Having a Blackberry with me is key for keeping up with a flood of daily emails. Plus generally Verizon phone service is good. So as much as I would like to have an iPhone full of aps, my Blackberry serves me well.

2. Apple iMac 
The large screen on my iMac helps me get through several projects at once. It is especially helpful when I am formatting photo galleries in Moveable Type for LAist and trying to keep track of my twitter feed at the same time. My Steel Casey desk is filled with some of my favorite things including StrangeCo's blue King Ken, a Lalique Macallan crystal paperweight, a flash drive from Sesame Street, a mouse pad from Kidrobot, a mug from EA, PaperMate pens, a small bottle of Yamazaki 12 from a Japan Airlines flight, and my ticket to the Cloverfield premiere peeking out from behind my passport

3. Apple MacBook
I also have a MacBook for when I am on the go. Currently has the eBoy skin from Gelaskins covering it.  I am starting to think I could get by with an iPad on the road, so I am saving up for one. We have one iPad in the house, but when you live with three othere people (husband and two daughters) it is hard to gets my hands on it.

Right now my desktop image is of two Cocktail Collective drinks at a recent event at the Royalton in New York. I may need to change it. Both of these cocktails were amazing and can be a bit of a distraction while I work. It is 10am here now, but 5pm somewhere right?

4. Leica D-LUX 4
I am listing my Leica D-LUX 4 as number 4 on my list, but in my life it is #1. I use it every day. I love the size of the camera, it is literally always in my purse pocket, or being carried around my neck. And since it is the only camera I use I took this photo of it in the mirror.

5. Kingston Card Reader
This Kingston card reader has served me well. I take so many photos for stories and also of my family, I tend to need to load them onto one or both of my computers every day.

6. HP Photo smart A616
Though most of the photos I take are for online and we occasionally order a Photo Book from Apple or Shutterfly, I still get request for printed photos. We mostly use it for my daughter's school projects and sending photos to a few family member who are not so computer savvy.

7. Flip Mino HD
I use my flip for so many things. For home movies it works great. My kids love to make little horror films with it too. For work I have interviewed people and posted the videos on my YouTube Channel including Oscar the Grouch for LAist and Santino Rice from Project Runway for Design*Sponge. I also often use it to record people I am interviewing just for the purpose of transcribing the interview. It helps to load the video on my computer and be able to look at their face while I am transcribing. It is by far the easiest device I have for recording audio.

8. Whirlpool Cabrio H2 Low wash system and Accu Dry Dryer
The day your washer or dryer break down is a sad one. It means a big purchase of something necessary, but not so fun. Last month both of our 11 year old machines went on the fritz and we had to replace them. I love these new Whirlpools Cabrios so much that I took this image on the candlelight setting of my Leica. Though I must admit they make some fairly odd beeping sounds that when I am home working sometimes I think R2D2 is in the house.

9. Nespress Aeroccino
My Nespresso and I have a complicated relationship. Somedays I am thankful for the convenience and some days I am too much of a coffee snob and feel the urge to grind my own beans. Either way the Nepresso Aeroccino milk frother  add some foaming warm milk to my morning caffeine fix. On the right is a Japanese ceramic hand grinder I bought at Intelligentsia. On a recent trip to New York I brought back some fresh beans from the Stumptown at the Ace Hotel and a cone filter from Muji. Fresh coffee with warm milk sounds good right now.

10. Nintendo DSi XL
For the last few years I have been writing about video games and have contributed stories to several sites including IGN's What They Play. As much as I would love to play Wii and XBOX all day, I tend to spend the most time on my DSiXL.  My new favorite game is Mario Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem. Other recent obsessions included Scrabble, Picross, and I always loves search games like Mystery Case Files.

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