My Tech Top 10: Liz Giorgi

My Tech Top 10: Liz Giorgi

Elizabeth Giorgi
Dec 23, 2012

I have had a good year. I started writing for Apartment Therapy, lost 20 pounds, and became increasingly obsessed with downsizing my belongings. And tech played a significant role in all of these things. It's all about streamlining my physical and online life. From my weight loss app to setting up cloud services, I'm happy to share my very first My Tech Top 10.

Apple iPhone 5: I know I won't be the only one that has the iPhone 5 on their list, but upgrading from the iPhone 4 to the 5 was easily my tech highlight of the year. Had I opted to buy the iPhone 4s last year, I think I would be less excited, but honestly the upgrade in processing speed and photo quality has made the 5 my go-to internet browser and on-the-go digital camera.

DIY'd Sequin Camera Strap: I fell in love with a $120 camera strap earlier this year. While I'm not shy about spending money on tech accessories, it seemed crazy to spend that amount on a strap when I could buy a used lens for that price. So I created one of my own for $12.

LoseIt!: Gaining weight was a major sore spot for me in 2012. Years and years of sitting all day finally caught up with me and it only took a couple bad pictures hitting my Facebook feed to spark my brain into action. The LoseIt! app has been my game changer. You can read my Apartment Therapy post about the app here.

Ford Sync: I'm officially an adult - I bought my first brand new car this year. It's the 2013 Ford Focus and it's equipped with Ford Sync, a sleek touchscreen entertainment and navigation system. This was a major upgrade from having a cassette tape deck, so I may be a bit biased, but the ability to use Bluetooth voice commands to make calls, connect to my music and listen to podcasts has been a huge improvement. In fact, I actually enjoy driving again.

Custom DVD and Game Covers: Most of my new books and movies are living on the cloud, but there are still a handful of those favorite games and movies that I want to keep around in a physical capacity. These cool cases from Etsy seller James Bit make every game and movie more attractive and special. Best part: they're customizable.

Beso: If you are a blogger, you know affiliate linking is a common practice that helps generate a little extra cash flow each month. I've used similar sites for years on my personal blog, but up until now I've been frustrated that most of the affiliate services were either type based (ie, fashion or home) or site based (ie, Amazon) - Beso breaks the barriers. Just search the item you have in mind and generate a link. It's super easy to use and I've been impressed with the return on time investment.

HDMI Pocket Projector: I have always wanted to host a backyard movie night, but I have never been able to find a projector in my price range that I felt comfortable using outdoors. This Pocket Projector hooks up to a wide variety of devices and has the battery power to last through a Peter Jackson movie (aka, a very long movie!).

Cloth Extension Cord from Best Made: Yes, it's pricey, but it's gorgeous. How often can you say that about an extension cord? I love this product so much that a few people on my Christmas list are also receiving this item this year. Shhh.

Instaport: I am not shy about my love of instagram. But recent news of their privacy policy changing has upset a fair number of people. I'm still considering whether or not I'm going to stick with the service or just make the transition to a different photo/social networking app, but either way it's nice to be able to download all my photos en masse. I've also used this service to share large sets of Instagram files with family and friends who don't use the app.

Google Drive: At one point last year, I had all my important documents on Google Drive, my images on Flickr and my videos on external hard drives. No more! I made the move and upgraded my Google Drive account, installed the free software and have all my important goodies saving to the cloud in the background while I work. Why didn't I do this last year?

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