My Tech Top 10: Ted and Angie of Poketo

My Tech Top 10: Ted and Angie of Poketo

Gregory Han
Feb 1, 2011

020111PokteoMyTechTop10.jpgOur friends Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung founded and operate, Poketo, a site dedicated to limited edition art products, tech accessories, apparel, and decor items. Every design offered has been handpicked by the dynamic duo, their constant globetrekking and network of designer/artist friends resulting in a varied collection of smile-inducing items sold on their site (our fav currently are these 8-bit influenced Icon wristwatches). Ted and Angie share some of their favorite personal tech and appliances they're currently enjoying below.

Music Balloons: A great, stylish speaker to take with you on a bike ride, to the beach, a little hike, even the office... It plugs right into the Iphone/Ipod and the sound is great, without bothering anyone else. It's light enough to travel with, carry around and it looks great. By the way, the iPhone shown here is part of my daily, creative routine. Especially using Instagram, which is a photo Iphone application that all of these photos you see here were taken with. It's an obvious top tech tool, so, I wanted to mention it, but, leave it out this Top 10. 

Bianchi Campione Bike: Not necessarily tech, but, tech unplugged! We are in love with our bikes; agile like a road bike, with a straight bar to relax and cruise. The Brooks saddle makes the bike stand out for sure. It's been awesome to get out on the weekend with this, a great way to explore the bike-only canals and paths of Los Angeles. The Arroyo Seco path to Pasadena and the Bollona Creek path to  Marina Del Rey are favorites.

Coway Water Filter: This filter is the highest tech of water filters. Coway is a Korean company and they put a ton of  filters in this machine to filter out all known impurities that are common in city tap. This is a filter that actually needs to be maintained by a technician regularly. The water tastes so good!

Digital Harinezumi2: Every time I pull this out this digital video camera out, I get people stopping me asking what it is.  It records both video, audio, and stills with a vintage super 8 film quality. I love using this camera because its small, easy, and I love the low-tech quality of the images. The files are recorded on a mini flash disk so it's easy to download directly to your laptop. It's new meet old, it's tiny like a spy camera and really good looking... There are some pretty cool experimental films that have been made with this camera.

Laptop Bag: Love this bag. Spare, minimal design, it's slim, and fits our 15" Macbook Pro perfectly snug along with it's accessories. We love this because it protects our laptop, but, it's not bulky and looks great.

Coffee Percolator: We ditched the auto coffee maker for this simple tool and the coffee tastes way better. Here's how it works... water boils and pushes the water up the cylindrical stem which then drips into the grounded coffee filter and goes back into the pot. You let it boil for about 10 minutes or so and the water continues to cycle to make really rich, dark coffee. The longer the boil, the darker the coffee. It reminds us how coffee magic is made. 

The Shark Steam Cleaner: We were at first skeptical about how it was advertised as deep cleaner, but, it's pretty amazing. It's a steam cleaner for the house, it heats up with the right amount of steam and water, our wood floors end up feeling so clean. 

Technics 1200 Turntable: Ted used to be a radio dj in college, back then, the 1200s were king. Now there is way more tech, but, these table were built to last. We've had this for years and it's still going strong. We love vinyl, such a nice way to collect music, album art, and you appreciate and remember the music way more. The physicality of putting a record on, flipping the sides, it's a different way of experiencing something that we can easily take for granted nowadays. 

Cle USB Flash Drive: Designed by renowned designer, Alissia Melka-Teichroew, this cute drive is the key to all of our portable files. We carry this around in our bag, there always seems to be a time when we need to transfer files in a quick, easy way.

Nintendo Wii: We got the Wii and it just sat there, getting dusty. We bought one or two games and never really ended playing them. When Netfix came out with streaming on the Wii, that changed everything. We basically just use it for chilling out and watching movies on the weekends.

Thanks, Ted and Angie!

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