MyDoorOpener iPhone Garage Door Opener

MyDoorOpener iPhone Garage Door Opener

Gregory Han
Feb 18, 2010

The iPhone is proving to be one of the most versatile and useful digital devices, both inside and outside the home, giving users control of a wide variety of utilities and appliances. You can now add the garage door to that list of devices controllable by iPhone if you're geeky enough to get your hands dirty with some DIY schematics provided by

The "MyDoorOpener" controller is a standalone and free standing application to be used in conjunction with a "MyDoorOpener" iPhone application, all over GSM and/or WiFi.n you are in proximity/reach of your house's WiFi access point. Security is provided via a password scheme which changes every time you use the system and also has the option of notifying and monitoring garage door's current state (opened/closed).

So what do you need to get started?

Version Independent The following parts are required, whether you are building the ethernet wired or wireless version of the door opener:
  • 1x Arduino controller and power supply (~30$USD)
  • 1x 5vDC operated relay which can switch 2A 30vDC (< 2$USD)
  • 1x 1K resistor (< 1$USD)
  • 1x 2N2222 transistor (< 1$USD)
  • 1x 1N4004 diode (< 1$USD)
  • Wiring breadboard or blank PCB and wires (< 5$USD)

Ethernet wired version requires a Arduino Ethernet Shield , while the Wi-Fi version needs the AsyncLab Wifi Arduino Shield, according to the free schematics and assembly directions. Full details about setting up your own iPhone controllable garage door opening system at

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