This Mystery Thrift Find Has TikTokers Scratching Their Heads

published Nov 2, 2023
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Recently, TikTok user and thrift store employee @cuppacoffee2021 baffled the internet after she posted a mystery item that many have never seen, much less used, before. In her video, you see a glass object with a strange shape: A cylinder seemingly cut in half, and a fin protruding in the middle.

“What is this thing???” she wrote in her caption, asking internet sleuths for help.

Some suggested the mystery item is a vintage lemon squeezer. While one could see how they came to that conclusion, the glass object is not used to make fruit juices. Others also guessed unsuccessfully that it’s a banana split holder.

There were a lot of hilarious guesses too. “Crystal taco stand, duh,” said a commenter. Someone else added, “Menstrual cup.”

And while another person joked that it’s “the bottom jaw of a crystal alligator” from Antarctica, the correct answer is a lot less wild. The mystery item is actually a Princess House knife holder. 

According to those familiar with the product, Princess House is a Mansfield, Massachusetts-based kitchen brand that was founded in 1963. They manufacture all sorts of cooking tools, including a glass container that keeps cutlery neat and organized at buffets and parties. The item has been discontinued, but you can find vintage pieces on places like Etsy and eBay for around $15 each. 

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