Nail Houses: Stubborn Owners Refusing To Sell

By now a good portion of our readership has seen the Disney/Pixar film, UP. In the animated flick, 78 year-old Carl Fredricksen refuses to sell his plot of land and the house on it, as the area around it is developed into high rises and skyscrapers. It’s a a funny idea for a movie, but what about when it happens in real life? After the jump you’ll find 5 crazy homeowners willing to live in the middle of … well… you’ll see…

Photos Above Are Featured Left To Right

1. Seattle, Wa: Edith Macefield’s refused to sell her home even after she was offered more than 1 million dollars. She is gone now, but her legend lives on and her house remains, surrounded by new development.

2. Chonqing, China: Mrs Wu Ping was the only person from 241 properties who refused to leave. She battled with contractors and bids for almost 3 years before caving in April of 2007 for quite a pretty penny!

3. Washington, DC: Mr Spriggs was offered millions to sell his property. He turned down the offers and took out a loan to open a pizza shop instead. Anyone from DC know if it’s open?

4. Changsha, China: On the most commercial street in Changsha, China, there stands this almost unkempt looking home with multiple tenants and a commercial business that’s been opened downstairs. They’re going with the, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, idea!

5. Narita Airport, Japan: Farmers are refusing to give up their land in the middle of this airport in Japan. The runway is only half usable because of their refusal to relocate. They are currently a literal stones throw away from the flight path and have to be living an earth shaking experience.