NY House Tour: Jack Makes Micro Changes

NY House Tour: Jack Makes Micro Changes

Jill Slater
Feb 13, 2008

Name: Jack

Location: Times Square

Size: 140 sqft studio rental

Years lived in: 8 years

It was over a year and a half ago that we last had the pleasure of a peek into Jack's micro home. Since, then, if you look very closely, you will see many changes have taken hold...

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Try to imagine Jack's changes in the context of the space with which he has to work. When Jack replaces a piece of artwork, or adds a new cutting board to his kitchen, it is as transformative if not moreso than the owner of a 2000 sqft home building a second garage!

Jack sees every single element of his apartment, down to a single spoon in his silverware tray, as an aesthetic opportunity. Jack doesn't have the luxury or desire to fill his home with decorative elements that are not also functional. "A spoon is something I can see from my bed," says Jack. Therefore, "it's something I want to make sure I like to look at. It has to be good."

Each new thing Jack brings into his home is carefully considered for its potential to be multipurpose. Jack doesn't buy sugar because it takes up room and he knows he doesn't add sugar to anything. He doesn't use butter, so that's more space saved! At home, he only steams vegetables. Vegetables are usually wonderful colors so they contribute to the color palette of his home while there.

These are strict acquisition criteria, but the result is a space in which Jack is able to thrive.

Jack's Survey:

Style: Monk

Inspiration: Less is More

Favorite Element: My big yellow metal E

Biggest Challenge: Not having a bathroom door

What Friends Say: "Wow, it looks so airy!"

Biggest Embarrassment: Not having a bathroom door

Proudest DIY: Making it look airy

Biggest Indulgence: My big yellow metal E

Best Advice: Less is more

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