House Tour: L and E's Beacon Hill Basics

House Tour: L and E's Beacon Hill Basics

Name: L and E
Location: Beacon Hill, Boston
Size: 400 sq/ft
Years lived in: Rented 1.5 years

Beacon Hill may be a historic neighborhood but peak peek inside any one of its beautiful doors and you're just as likely to find a college student's dorm room as you are a luxurious townhouse. In fact, most Beacon Hill residents — like L and E — live somewhere in between. Their luxury is the rich location, and their interior is a budget-friendly mix of somethings new, somethings used and some things IKEA...

This tour shows just how simple and lovely a small space can be without expensive, modern items everywhere. With the Fall Cure in full swing we thought it was timely to show an apartment that has been transformed into a well-organized, beautiful place that perfectly suits the residents' style and budget — exactly what the Cure is all about. Great job, L and E!

AT Survey

My/Our style: Simple, graphic

Inspiration: As a graphic designer I pull from many places. I guess it's just in my nature to include type and bold graphics in everything I do.

Favorite Element: The makeshift "accent" wall in our living room. Why any Beacon Hill apartment would have a rough wooden plank wall, I have no clue, but I do love the little bit of character that it adds to the space. It was begging for a coat of bright paint.

Biggest Challenge: Size. Also, except for the wooden wall, its extremely difficult to hang heavy art or shelves because below an inch of paint and plaster is solid brick.

What Friends Say: Cute, real

Biggest Embarrassment: The coffee table that I bought as a temporary solution, and still have one year later

Proudest DIY: Hanging our flat panel TV, and concealing the wires as best we could.

Biggest Indulgence: The location is our indulgence.

Best advice: Don't take it so seriously! Since I spend my days (and most nights) doing graphic design, I like to use my space as an outlet to practice a different kind of design. To me it's about making your place work for you, not to impress your guests or show off super expensive items that you rarely use.

Dream source: I can't wait to have a home filled with items that I've gathered over time, in my travels, or from some other meaningful experience. I love it when everything has a story.


Hardware: Original glass doorknobs

Furniture: Mostly IKEA — due to a very narrow entry and stairs we needed furniture that we could put together inside. Also Urban Outfitters, Christmas Tree shop and misc. hand-me-downs.

Accessories: Because we generally like to keep the clutter to a minimum, most of our accessories serve functional purposes. There is a small mix of hand-made ceramics, books, magazines, and we keep the wine in stock!

Rugs and Carpets: Living room rug is from Targét. We also break out carpet samples from the interiors department at work during the winter months.

Window Treatments: Ikea and Christmas Tree Shop

Beds: Bedspread from Urban Outfitters Bargain Basement in Harvard Sq

Artwork: Old family photos, graphic design posters, original letterpress prints

Paint: Benjamin Moore

Flooring: 150 year old wood floors

(Thanks, L and E!)

Photos by Wes & Kayla

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