(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lynette’s bafflement over the trampoline coffee table led us to Nananu by David Trubridge.

This gorgeous nest of a chair is probably too big for most of our living rooms, but it might still be at home even in a small place if it was set off on its own somewhere, perhaps in a bay window. Lit from below, it would cast amazing shadows on your walls and ceilings at night.

Trubrudge is a New Zealand-based designer with a background in naval architecture, a combination that’s manifest in this design. Made from steamed ash bent ’round pine ply hoops, it evokes the Thonet tradition – as well as boats, birds nests, seaside light, summer weather.

A bit like the Gehry Beaver chair (now available only in miniature), Nananu makes a bold statement. If we had $5,850 to spare, we’d pare down everything else and let Nananu speak. (Trubridge’s site says he believes in using sustainable materials, so presumably the ash and pine ply fall into that category. In the US the materials would be FSC-certified; we’re not sure what the deal is in New Zealand.)