Nap Pods (With Netflix) Could Be Coming To an Airport Near You

published Jun 9, 2018
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Is there anything more annoying than have a 5-hour layover? If you need to have a layover, you want one that is just long enough that you’re not running through the airport like a madman, but not so long that you’re sitting in an airport for longer than you’ll be on an airplane.

Many airports have areas that you can sit and charge your phone, eat a pricey meal, or buy an overpriced book and some expensive snacks in your downtime. As inviting as that all sounds (not), there might be a perfect solution heading your way.

Have you ever heard of nap pods? Surely, you’ve heard of the Google staple. Well, if you can’t go to HQ, you might just be able to enjoy a nap pod at an airport. And the best part? They’ll come with Netflix.

The AirPOD is the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment for airport-goers.

As any frequent flyer can attest, there are few things more soul destroying than spending any number of hours sitting in an airport terminal waiting for a connecting flight. There you are, sitting in the departure lounge watching the clock, or looking round the duty free shop for the eighth time. Bored out of your mind, you might buy some overpriced, processed food just for something to do.
To add to your frustration, nearby, outside the airport is a foreign city you’d rather like to look around. It’s full of great tourist attractions, restaurants and shops. Yet you wouldn’t dream of leaving the airport to go and take a look, because not knowing the local transport system, language or geography, you are terrified that you wouldn’t get back in time, and therefore miss your flight.
That is why our company developed airport sleeping pod – AirPOD™ is device to Relax, Work, Sleep or Entertain your self while waiting for your next flight.

The pods will be available to rent by the hour. They come with WiFi that users can connect to, air purifiers, a place to store luggage, and a TV screen that has Netflix built in.

For now, the AirPOD will only be available in European airports, as a test run this year. However, the pods can easily make it into airports across the globe if the test runs are successful. There are similar business ventures stateside, with Jabbrrbox at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.