Natural Modern Williamsburg Townhouse

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This week’s Home by Novogratz has me thinking about two things above all else: overdyed rugs and oversized art.

Bob and Cortney set out to design a home for a busy couple with slightly different tastes — one more modern and one more rustic/natural — and no time to focus on decor. The white walls with big art are perfect with the planked wood dining table, mismatched dining chairs, and that cool little pyramid terrarium. But in the living room all I can see is that rug and that shuttlecock, and they are now my obsessions du jour.

We’ve discussed overdyed rugs before, if you recall, from the beautiful but expensive Color Reform line at ABC to more affordable versions to DIY options. The Novos, however, found another option from a Brooklyn designer named Michael Stout. I found this video, and it answered a lot of questions I had about his process and confirmed that an overdyed rug will be part of my future home design.

Bob’s choice of big art (from Room 125 in Manhattan) was a great way to incorporate textural antique rustic into a clean, modern design. The super zoom shows all the gritty details on the object much more than would be possible if the actual object were, say, sitting on a shelf, and the stark white background keeps it graphic and modern. And Bob pointed out “those are real feathers” in such a Spinal Tap-esque “this is an exact replica of my skeleton” moment that I totally got it.

(Images: Matthew Williams)