Japanese White Charcoal by Sort of Coal

Japanese White Charcoal by Sort of Coal

Abby Stone
Dec 10, 2009

In Japan, sticks of white charcoal made from bamboo are used to stir alcohol and tea in high end bars to absorb impurities. Remember when we wrote about the Binchotan Coal Water Purifier by Sort of Coal? Well, Sort of Coal sells white charcoal products for uses other than just water purification.

White charcoal has been written up a lot lately by various publications, including The New York Times, TreeHugger, and Cool Hunting. We think it sounds very cool, although we haven't tried any of the products yet.

For water purification: White Charcoal is natural charcoal that is activated through a controlled burning process done by hand and based on traditional Japanese methods. The charcoal soaks up chlorine and other unpleasant tastes and odors from drinking water while releasing natural minerals into it. It also has an alkaline effect, softening the water and improving the overall taste. Boil the charcoal in water, let it boil for a few minutes then drain the water and set it aside to cool down. Now you can add the sticks to your water. Place them in your water pitcher, cover and refrigerate overnight. For best results, boil the sticks once a month. When they lose their effectiveness, usually after three months, break them into small pieces and mix them into your soil where the natural materials will be absorbed and nourish your plants.

Other Uses, from the Sort of Coal website
Shown above, from left to right

1. Hakutan Charcoal Purifying Air: "Hakutan absorbs gases, pollution and odors from the air. It can be placed in your bathroom to regulate humidity, in the living room and kitchen to absorb cooking steam and odors."

2. Hakutan Charcoal Tray: "Use a Hakutan tray in the kitchen or living room. Fruit will remain fresh longer when placed on the Hakutan tray."

3. Kuro Charcoal Cube: "A Kuro Cube purifies and refreshes the refrigerator naturally without the use of chemicals."

4. Kuro Charcoal Powder: "Use also white charcoal powder for coloring bakery, smoothie, pasta dough or anywhere you like. Mix the powder with water at simply ad to your recipe."

5. Shiro Charcoal Soap: "Shiro soap disinfects skin without drying it out and also disinfects, cleans and moisturizes. Use to treat inflammation, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin sensitivities."

For more information and to order, click here.

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