NatureMill's At Home Composting Bin

NatureMill's At Home Composting Bin

Kristen Lubbe
May 18, 2010

Home composting is becoming more and more popular. People are beginning to realize that instead of throwing away scraps of food and continually purchasing fertilizer from the home improvement store &mdash you can invest in a home composting bin.

NatureMill has several options for at home compositing bins. We're pretty excited that we came across these bins because we've been researching them for our own home. The NatureMill bins are extremely simple to use and even though they may set you back a few dollars in the beginning, it'll be worth it in the long run.

Here is how composting bins work: You discard left over vegetables, coffee grounds, even meat, fish and dairy (due to the high temperatures inside the bin). The upper chamber of the bin mixes, heats and aerates &mdash then drops it into the lower chamber so new items can be added.

Every two weeks the compost fertilizer can be removed and used for your home garden! The red light will tell you when the machine is empty and fertilizer can be removed. There's a new energy save mode that reduces composting energy consumption by 75%.

The NatureMill Plus XE Automatic Composting Bin is $299 with a one year warranty. The filter needs replacing every 5-7 years (yes, years). NatureMill bins can also compost pet waste, kitty litter, and cage beddings.

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