Nearly Half Polled Believe Tablets Replacing Laptops

Nearly Half Polled Believe Tablets Replacing Laptops

Gregory Han
Jan 11, 2012

It's true, we use our iPad tablet nearly as much as our laptop these days. But while the iPad sees plenty of use, it's mostly for consumption rather than for creation, a charge most often levied against the utility/necessity of tablets today. Still, results of a survey released reveals nearly 50% of those surveyed predict a day when tablets will eclipse laptops...

Data for Poll Position survey asked 1,155 American adults whether they believe tablets would one day replace laptops as the go-to portable computer device, and a surprising 46% said "yes". One would assume the younger demographic would be supportive of this opinion, but it was actually the 30-64 demographic, the very same group which currently can afford tablets as secondary devices which see the value and future in tablet computing.

(Via Mashable)

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