NeatReceipts Scanalizer in the Test Lab

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Product: NeatReceipts Scanalizer
Price: $230
Rating: Recommend

Yesterday, Brandy
asked about how to organize her receipts via scanning and software, and we’ve got an option we’ve used ourselves that could fit at least part of her bill. The NeatReceipts Scanalizer comes with a thin, 11″x2″x2″ scanner and proprietary software. So, is it something we’d recommend to Brandy, and how did our experience go? Check out the full review after the jump.

*Note: Our version of the software is 2.7.5; 3.0 is now available

Here’s the main screen when you open up the software, once you’ve scanned in a few items. We’re using it for more than just receipts, including bills, pay stubs and eventually, we’ll scan all the loose magazine pages we’ve saved over the years and organize those as well.

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After you scan the receipt, the software analyzes it (hence the term scanalizer) and puts it in the folder you’ve indicated. You can edit any of the information or go even further and split out a receipt multiple times–great if a receipt has items that need to be allocated to different parts of your budget.

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When we were scanning our first pages, it often mis-identified the vendor, and we had to go in and manually correct it. For receipts, it usually classified the receipt correctly after we manually corrected it, but not always for non-traditional receipts such as medical bills.

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One of the great features is the ability for it to integrate with other software, or have the information exported to an Excel file, for example, if you work better by sorting gathered information in columns.

Note that yesterday we told Brandy that Quicken does allow for images to be tied to an entry, so the scanning can come from any scanner, but we don’t know if Quicken enters the info for you like the NeatReceipts scanner.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are tons of “helps” available along the way, almost too many because it slows things down, especially if you didn’t mean to hit a help button. Once you get the hang of it, it goes much more quickly. The scanning didn’t seem to happen as fast as they claimed, but we do like the very compact nature of the scanner.

The scanner is small enough for you to take with you in the car on a long trip and catch up on scanning (with a laptop), or to plop on the couch next to you while you catch up on your favorite show.

Price-wise, it’s definitely not a cheap purchase at $230, but you can probably find a deal somewhere, and if you don’t have a scanner (or even the space for a scanner), this could do the trick.

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