Need to Charge Your Phone Fast? Switch to Airplane Mode

Need to Charge Your Phone Fast? Switch to Airplane Mode

Taryn Williford
Mar 21, 2013

C'mon! Just fifteen more minutes! That's all you need to get out the door. But your phone's battery dropped dead, and there's not enough time to get a decent charge. If you ever find yourself in these dire straits, try this stupid-simple tip to keep the juice flowing fast.

Airplane mode is available on most smartphones. It essentially shuts off your phone's transmitting function. No calls or texts or packets of data can come or go from your device while in airplane mode, making it ideal for air travel—or when you just need a break. Check your phone's settings to discover how to enable airplane mode:
iOS Airplane Mode
Android Airplane Mode
• Windows Phone Airplane Mode

But it's also ideal for another situation: when you need a quick charge.

Because your device is not connected to the internet, you can rest assured there are no applications running in the background, sucking up juice when you need it the most. Your phone's battery will charge more quickly than if you'd left your settings alone.

Of course, switching to airplane mode will also effectively shut down all of your phone's major functions. If you're expecting an important call or text, you'll have to juice up the old fashioned way.

(Image: Flickr user Phil Roeder with license from Creative Commons)

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