Neglected, Ill-Conceived and Just Plain Strange Playgrounds

There was quite the brouhaha in Brooklyn a few months ago when a much anticipated public park opened featuring steel domes for children to climb on…steel domes which became dangerously hot under the sun. Today my husband sent me a link to a feature from a few years ago with photos from around the world of “nightmare playgrounds” many of which have been abandoned by their communities or were just a bad idea to begin with.

To be fair, many of these neglected playgrounds appear to be in communities (primarily Russia) which just can’t afford their upkeep. And others seem to be (if strange) public art pieces. But there are quite a few doozies here that makes us thankful for the many thoughtful, well-designed outdoor playspaces for children out there.

See plenty more of these “nightmare playgrounds” at Dark Roasted Blend.

(Images: via Dark Roasted Blend)