AT on…Neighborhood Business High Hopes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I do the same exact thing…do you?

My friend Evan just wrote a post that really rang true for me…he says,”Once I lived across the street from a “tobacco” shop. I can’t say it was a big surprise when a “going out of business” sign with a Grateful Dead sticker on it appeared in the window one day. It was a time of great excitement for my roommates and I. None of us were all that into “tobacco” and we were excited to see what would move in across the street. Would it be a great sandwich shop? A bookstore?? An arcade?! A waterpark?!?!!?

After months of construction, the plywood on the windows finally came down, awnings went up, and we were left with… a Sprint Store. A Sprint Store! I guess there are people who go to such places for their Borg implant bluetooth devices, but I was still rockin’ the land line at the time — rockin’ it hard. Oh how I missed the old bong shop.

Evan is a wise, wise blogger for capturing the bittersweet reality of city neighborhood love.

I instantly fall into a reverie of wishes and wild dreams of what it might become every time a shop is changing hands in our neighborhood and are invariably crushed when it doesn’t come true. My racing thoughts: an organic market, a Japanese noodle stand, a yoga studio, a knitting shop, toys, foreign magazines…no! it will be the holy grail – an independent BOOKSTORE!

And even though these dashed dreams happen cyclically, I still have that hopeful spring in my step each time I pass by an under-wraps “shop to be”…

Which businesses do you wish would set up shop in your neighborhood?